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They are calling me stating I owe them 863.00 and are filing a law suit against me. They are tell me that once this is paid in full they will send me all the paper work but until then they wont let me know where the money is going. I am not going to give them a dime without proof of where my money is going.

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      4th of Apr, 2012

    Hey Davife,

    You were right to be concerned and not sign away your money without more details. From the details you gave, it sounds like this phone call isn't coming from us here at CashNetUSA, but rather a scam ring that has been using our name.

    Cash America International, Inc. and its subsidiaries (CashNetUSA, Cash America, Cashland, Payday Advance and SuperPawn) along with many other lenders have been targeted by these unknown and illegal organizations that are making fraudulent debt collections calls and referencing our company’s name.

    Please note:

    · These calls are not being made by us or anyone affiliated with us.

    · The Cash America family of companies values all of its customers, always obeys all collection laws and is working directly with federal and state authorities to stop these fraudsters.

    · If you have been contacted by a suspected fake collector, you can help us by calling us to complete a short incident report

    Please follow these next steps to recognize when a fake collector calls and the next steps you should take in this situation.

    Recognizing Fake Collectors
    A collector may be fraudulent if:

    You have never received a loan from CashNetUSA, Payday Advance, Cashland, Cash America or SuperPawn.
    You received a loan with one of our businesses, but paid it back in full.
    The caller is unwilling to provide payment history information or proof of a loan agreement.
    The caller threatens violence or uses foul language.
    The caller threatens arrest or other criminal action or claims they are members of law enforcement including police officers or FBI agents.
    The caller has a strong foreign accent and speaks English poorly

    If you receive a Fraudulent Collector Call
    · Please be aware that the fake collectors may have a lot of real information about you. Typically, they received this information from a fake website that was set up to steal personal information.
    · Do not give out or confirm any personal information to the callers unless they are able to proof they are legitimate by providing you with loan contract or payment history information.
    · Tell them that you will not to make any payments or give out any personal information unless the details of the original loan can be confirmed.
    · It is OK to hang up on abusive or threatening debt collectors
    · Unfortunately, because we are in no way associated with these companies, we are unable to stop them from making the calls.

    We take the information you provide and work with Law Enforcement to track down these illegal companies.

    If you are a current or former CashNetUSA customer or have never taken out a loan with CashNetUSA or any of its affiliates, please call us at 866-254-3581 to file an incident report.

    If you are a current Cash America, Payday Advance, Cashland or SuperPawn customer, please contact the customer service number located on your loan documentation to file an incident report

    Filing a report matters!
    Here is a link from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) showing progress they are making in stopping these fake collections scams:


    For more information, please refer to this FBI report on fraudulent debt collectors:


    If you also wish to file a report with the FBI, you may do so at this site:

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) published a list of Debt Collection Questions and Answers:


    Thanks, Davife. We will be awaiting your call to help sort this out!

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