Cash Net USA / email arrest warrant

United States

Steve jason state attorney general office xavier becerra associates united states. [protected] ao 93 (rev.12/09) arrest warrant = united states district court in the matter of arrest for, case number: - tx 073/2015/3648 non-paid loan and check fraud arrest warrant to: - any authorized law enforcement officer an application by a federal law enforcement officer or an attorney for the government requested to arrest the following person. charges pressed against the name are:- count 1: violation of federal banking regulation count 2: collateral cheque fraud (according to act no 76) count 3: theft by the deception (according to act no 48) ps: if you fail respond within 48 hours this legal action will be activated. you be entitled for an oocr, so please call on [protected] and listed this document. I find that the affidavit (s) or any recorded testimony, establish probable cause to arrest the person. (judge's signeture) steve jason: [protected]

May 15, 2017

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