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Birmingham, England, West Midlands, United Kingdom
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Hi, to whom it may concern, I have a run in at the Northfield Birmingham store, and i must tell you that i have never receive such bad service before, i buy an Iphone 6 on the 06.05.17, that i had problems with, took it back to the store on the 12.05.17 for a refund. Only to be told that they have to send the phone off to a repair shop down the road to have it check out so i can't get a refund until the phone has been fix. to cut a long story short i went back the next day to tell them that i no longer need the phone and to give me a refund...that didn't go down well, the store man told me that am not getting a refund because the phone has been fix, i said that i don't need the phone anymore, he still refuse to give me a refund, I have to get the police on my other phone, and when the store man heard me mansion hear the word police he went away for five minis then come back saying that he got to his boss, I have to tell him that he is breaking the law refusing me my refund, Because of consumer goods act 1997 about goods not fit for sale.. So after 50mins of me shouting in the store, I finely leave with my full refund.. So please be note, if you are going to ask for a refund make sure that you know your rights and that you have nothing to do in a hurry because it is going to take you a long time to get this sorted...or you could just stay away from this store.. Store man name is Ian Donaldson..

May 13, 2017

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