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Carrington Mortgage / illegal tactics, unprofessional, and scams

1 Huntsville, AL, United States Review updated:

I'm another one of the BofA customers who's mortgage was sold off to CMS in April 2015. Problems from the start! I had done my research and immediately went to begin a refinance as soon as I found out all the bad things CMS was doing with customers. They officially assumed my mortgage on 4/2/15 and my refi process began on 4/1/15 with another company. As the process unfolded with CMS, I started getting threatening phone calls from them regarding my payment being late before I even received my account number and had things setup. In hopes that the refi would happen quickly, I just ignored the calls. Unfortunately the refi was deterred because we had to get a payoff statement from CMS and they didn't have things in place yet. The phone calls continued though. The second month we're almost at closing for the refi when we find out that CMS has reported to ALL THREE credit bureaus that I had a 30+ day late payment on 4/1/15. They didn't even own my mortgage on 4/1 but what was worse is that there's a law that when this process happens, they cannot report anything to the credit bureaus for 60 days to allow time for account transfer activity to complete! When I called Customer Service, they insisted that they would never do that, it's against the law. Well, I had the credit report to prove it and provided it to CMS with a formal request to fix it. Once again, my refinance was stalled until we got this fixed. I also found out that there had been a $20 fee assessed on my account in month 2 to send someone out to the home and verify that I still occupied the home. In talking to Customer Service again (regular occurrence since my mortgage transferred to them), they could not tell me who, when, where or anything about this "home visit", nor would she tell me where they found that cheap airplane ticket from CA to AL for "someone" to verify that I still lived there. So they've assessed a $20 charge with nothing to explain the charge, plus they've got numerous calls on record from me about getting the refi done and credit report corrected. Now we're in month #3 of trying to get a refi done and get away from this horrific company and we are in the final stretch. We needed an updated payoff request which the new company requested starting on 7/10. After several requests and no response, I began calling them on 7/23. They assured me they would send it via email within 2 hours. After 3 1/2 hours, I called again and there was no request on file. Again, I asked to be send a payoff statement and was assured it would be to me by morning. As of this morning it still wasn't there so I called AGAIN. Surprisingly, this young lady was able to get it sent to me via email AND fax while we were on the phone. While I was beginning to get excited, I realized that they've assessed a $51.35 charge on my account for late payment this month. Really? So they've been delaying sending me the payoff statement so they can drag their feet and charge me another months payment + late fees???? Yet ANOTHER dispute filed with CMS, this makes #3 on file with them. If anyone every gets sold off to this company...RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!! It's worth the effort to refinance and get away from them, I promise you!!!

Jul 24, 2015
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  • La
      4th of Sep, 2015
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    They Also took over my mortgage from BAC, Who in February just did a escrow analysis on my escrow account. which my escrow payment went up $3.00 a Month. Due to a shortage of $22.68 at which I paid in full. My Monthly payment went from $878.19 t0 881.77 to keep my account on track.
    I receive another escrow Analysis from Carrington on May 26 2015, it shows the escrow transfer from BAC the sum of 801.88, on their analysis
    with April and Mays Escrow total of 532.66. Now brings my total to$1334.54 in escrow. then they start the analysis Aug 15 2015 to July 16 2016. they start the escrow with the sum of 1600.87 just one more escrow payment. there should have been two months. which should have been $1, 867.20. So they are missing either June or July Escrow. those two Payments should be shown on the Analysis statement. then to find out they want to hold a extra $532..00 in my account for one Year. I also found out that they do Not pay any Interest on the escrow accounts. Well that's when I start checking on Complaints against Carrington Mortgage LLC. Actually they are a Depth collection agency. I also found out Legislation passed a bill regarding escrow accounts, That Mortgage holders Must pay a Minimum of 2% interest every 1/4 on escrow Account's, This bill was passed in 1974. We have call Carrington Mortgage LLC several times. the customer service reps are Lousy. they go off on there on not listening to the customers explain the problem. We did how ever get one rep Joe to see our problem and he agreed that we were Correct and sent the Information back to the Escrow Dept Joe did call us back to let us know they were working on the missing escrow money.

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