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Carpet Giant Carpet One / Unfulfilled contractual Obligations, harassment, additional financial and emotional hardships

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I have been in the process of getting the additional documentation to support my claims against Carpet Giant Carpet One. It will be clearly demonstrated what my three primary complaints against Carpet Giant Carpet One are.

1) Unfulfilled contractual Obligations
2) Additional Financial and emotional hardships to have other companies finish their job
3) Harassment i.e. sending me to collections without substantiating the debt.

There were two agreements signed one without carpet and one with I assumed when they sent me to collection that they were referring to the first which they were not they sent me the second (attached) which I no longer had in my possession. My builder and I requested their paperwork when we were in the process of firing them for their unfulfilled obligations, Such paperwork was never furnished us.

1)The contract was signed by us in good faith we paid $10,000 down (on what was originally a smaller contract) as their contract itself stipulates the ³Customer Agrees to Pay the Balance Due Upon Completion to installerŠCarpet Giant.² We had every intention of doing so. The contract was signed on January 20 of 2005. We were very excited about the remodel of our home and were in my opinion very patient with Carpet Giant as they repeatedly missed appointments, when they did show up it would only be for a couple of hours the installer Mr. C claimed that he had a number of jobs and that people that worked for him were quitting and that his father who I believe was the manager had developed some serious medical conditions, as such we were very compassionate and reasonable We saw Mr. C and his wife at a local restaurant and even bought them dinner as a gesture of good faith (also hoping they would feel obligated to finish soon). However We kept communicating to MR.C that we needed to finish, inevitably we saw him less and less and it became ever increasingly difficult to communicate with them. Towards the summer we brought on a CONTRACTOR to assist us He in addition to us spoke with Carpet Giant and notified them that they needed to finish in a timely manner or we were done working with them. We preferred all along that they just finish their agreement. As we stated numerous times to carpet Giant we would move on without them. So in October 2005 around 8 months +/- we had CONTRACTOR oversee the carpet and tile of the home as will be substantiated below. ACCORDING TO LAW CARPET GIANT CARPET ONE had 30 days to fulfill or mostly fulfill their obligations or they were automatically in contract default and had no right to attempt to collect a debt. I HAVE LIMITED THE NAMES OF ALL REPUTABLE PARTIES TO PROTECT THEIR PRIVACY MYSELF INCLUDED.

K C $2,500.00
D Tile $443.18
D Tile $73.10
A Tile $1,650.00
REP INST $2,725.00
M H $2,066.41
S Tile $414.58*
Capital One CC $370.00*

Subtotal $10,242.27

Contractor*A 20% $2,048.45
Carpet Giant Deposit $10,000
Total Cost to finish Tile: $12,290.72

Original Carpet Giant Bid to Tile Home: $21,695.25

Difference it cost me to have other companies finish: $595.47

*I need to have copies ordered will be happy to if Carpet Giant will reimburse me the difference upon substantiation Both are Tile Material.

*A See note from CPA

That is purely a financial hardship difference and does not include the time wasted on Carpet Giant, CARPET ONE, WESTERN WHOLESALE FLOORING; the effects of upholding my home from being finished and or livable and the emotional headaches caused directly and indirectly by as I like to call them Carpet Giant Carpet One Big Headache. It should be noted as copied in my letter from Attorney NyKamp that Carpet Giant is not disputing the carpet and nor should they it is self evident that they were in serious default of contract and have no legal basis to collect on that as they never did anything with carpet except measure for the bid.

Carpet: $5597.3 As you can see I got a much better deal on Carpet DT. Development $1,119.46 Total Carpet: $6,716.76

Total: <$468.24>

However as stated the carpet is totally out of the picture via their own documents and contract default and in the end they owe me $595.47. And one very big apology.

3) As can be seen by their collection letters and their contract bid agreement they never substantiated debt and had no clue what the story on the project was. I suspect because of the (what I was originally told BY CGCO) falling out (rightly so) of MR C. and Carpet Giant Carpet . They treated me as though I were a deadbeat when in fact they were the one¹s that had the unfulfilled obligations. Also note the detail of the invoices of the other companies one can only guess what Carpet Giant Carpet One Big headache¹s (caused me) invoice entails.

In closing in the end they never fulfilled their obligations, caused financial and emotional hardships and left me with a very bad impression of their organization as a whole from my experiences of their retail as well as corporate offices. It should be noted that after the first collection letter my husband called ³Dean² from Customer service several times 06-14-06 leaving numerous voice mail messages to which ³Dean² never replied. (got dean¹s number from the St George Office they stated they would send me bid¹s their files on us , which never happened see email documentation)

It is important to note that in a number of placed where carpet giant carpet one, western wholesale floors did set tile it was uneven and sloppy in fact I have to repair at least 4 tiles as the grouting has given and cracked.

If at all possible I would like you to encourage Attorney Nykamp to answer my questions for him in response to his I feel that his answers could be very beneficial to both the and myself as to what their real intentions are.




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      21st of Aug, 2018
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    Carpet One Floor & Home - Overdrafted bank account
    United States

    Yesterday(3-12-18) I purchased carpet roughly 1600.00. I got Notification today that my card was charged twice and now is in the negative. They have not even installed my carpet yet and I'm already dealing with issues like this. Not at all impressed and would likely not recommend.

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