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In October 2014 I purchased vinyl from Carpet Court in Whangarei for my kitchen, pantry, dining area and bathroom at a cost of $2, 886. This vinyl was Primetex 1051. It was laid in my home in December 2014. In April 2016 this vinyl started showing signs of stretching and in doing so has left raises in the product. I contacted Carpet Court Whangarei the first week in May 2016 and have very slowly been discussing this matter with them regarding this problem. I say very slowly because they were always going to get back to me within about a week after each phone call to them and I had to phone after a month to get their response. They advised that the problem was due to the office type chair with rolling castors and it was not a manufacturers or suppliers problem. They appeared to not be interested in my concerns and the Manager, Alan Bucknell, informed me that it was common knowledge that this type of chair should not be used on this type of vinyl. Really!! I was not aware of this and would have expected their sales person, Rose Thomas to advise me of this. Rose had more than one visit to my property over this deal and never once mentioned this and was fully aware of the chair in question. I was advised by e-mail on 12.09.16 from Jacques Fromont a staff member at Carpet Court Whangarei, that a Technical Adviser, John Middleton would contact me regarding Gerflor's (the manufacturer) response to my issue but this has not happened. I feel that I have been unfairly treated regarding not being advised of the chair not being suitable for vinyl and that I should have been advised of this by the sales rep from Carpet Court. I believe that replacement vinyl should be provided by Carpet Court.

Nov 24, 2016

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