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May 09, we signed a contract with Carlton Pools, Collegeville, gave them $1, 000 deposit for their kidney shaped pool for 30, 000.00. It was supposed to be in place by July 6, 2009. We cut down trees in preparation and we planned a party for our granddaughter in August.THEN NOTHING HAPPENED!

It took 4 weeks for them to pick up an application from our township, 6 weeks till someone came out to view our property, 8 weeks to find out we needed a topo, 10 weeks to find out we needed 2 variances, so on and so on. Our granddaughter was very disappointed, our yard a mess, our trees are cut down to 4' and we still DO NOT have a pool in 2010.

The only thing they were QUICK AT was CASHING OUR CHECK and putting up an advertizement sign in our front yard! Even before we saw anyone.

I spoke to the owner about their pessimissim, why put in a pool in October just to close it. He had our deposit, I wanted to be first in the spring of 2010 like their ad says deposit now get this years price.

He said he would not honor the same price because they would only profit a few thousand dollars not that it's the old "BAIT & SWITCH" but usually people enhance their pool HIS EXACT WORDS! We didn't matter because he didn't make enough profit.

After reading the horrors of the people who did get a Carlton pool, apparently their product is as bad as their customer service. Maybe I was lucky after all. Consumer beware!

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  • El
      13th of Jun, 2015

    We had a Carlton Pool built in the fall of 2002 and opened it in 2003. First, in 2006, the pool vacuum stopped working. A hole in the line caused by "who knows what" was blamed. Carlton didn't back their product because another pool company opened and closed our pool. In 2008, the chlorinator stopped working. Next, in the summer of 2014, the pool is losing water rapidly. I called American Leak Detection to find the leak. The men pull up in the truck, take one look at the pool, and say "I hope this isn't a Carlton Pool. They build the pipes underneath the shell. This could be a major repair." Two hours and $400 later, yep, it's a MAJOR repair. They said that pools built by Carlton Pools keeps them in business. This is a constant problem. The estimate to repair it and rip up my decking and yard is $5, 800. We brought them to small claims court. Big shot president of the company even shows up. They said that I didn't ALWAYS use the chlorinator - the 3 inch chlorine tablets should not go in the skimmers (3 in each of the 2 skimmers at a time). It does not state that in any of the material that they gave us when it was built. It does state that there are 2 ways to chlorinate a pool - chlorinator and skimmers. Every pool company I have spoken to says that the tablets can go in the baskets. It is the cheap piping that Carlton uses that deteriorates. The judge ruled with Carlton Pools -millionaire won! Never will I recommend this company. The neighbor up the road just put a Carlton Pool in their yard. It's time for a sympathy card in their mailbox.

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