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Purchased tire & wheel package plus lift kit 3/28/2016 estimated ship date was the 3/39. I called on March 30th to find out the status of my order, being that it was not shipped yet. I asked to see if possible if I can switch my tires for M/T tires. I was told the tires were in stock and I would have to pay an additional $100 to change the order for these tires. About a week later I called to see the status of my order and was told then the tires would be shipped out on April 13th. I was really upset at the fact that the order had to be delayed again but I had no choice but to wait since they would not cancel my order and refund me my money. On April 13th, I contacted them again to see what the status of my order was. I was told there was going to be another delay because they did not have the tires. I made a complaint and contacted a supervisor, which told me they were going to get me tires shipped from another branch in Texas and have it shipped immediately. I did not want to wait but since they did not want to refund me I had no choice. I contacted them on April 18th and was told by a supervisor it would be shipped today April 18th. I was told I would receive an email with the tracking info by the end of the day. On April 19th, I contacted them again regarding the tracking info since I did not receive the email with tracking info. I was told by a representative that unfortunately there has been another delay with the tires and that it should be shipped out by the end of the week. I demanded for a refund and to speak with a supervisor. I was told there were no refunds and there was no supervisor available. I do not understand where in what job there is not a supervisor available. I am outraged at the back and forth that I have had to deal with and be told that I cannot get a refund.

During the time I ordered my tire and wheel package, I also ordered some interior trims for my vehicle. When I was installing the trims we noticed there was a part that did not fit for my vehicle. I contact carid, sent them pictures of the trims that did not fit and a picture of my car where the trims belong. The pictures show that the trims do not fit; I was told by a repetitive that they would contact the manufacture and I would hear back from them within 24 to 48 hours. A week went by and still I have not been refunded or given a return shipping label. I contacted them again regarding this issue and was told they are waiting to hear back from the manufacture. I was told to wait again another 24 to 48 hours to hear back. I complained about this because I was told that last week and no one has contacted me back yet regarding this issue.

Apr 19, 2016

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