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Pe Nov 09, 2015 New Jersey Review updated:

I ordered two side mirrors for my Mitsubishi Eclipse. When the mirrors arrived, the boxes were hanging open and nothing protecting the inside. Before they arrived my husband had fixed my mirrors and we didn't need them. So I got a return label to return them. I called and asked if I could put them in one box, because I felt it was safer to keep them together. I bought a strong box and bubble wrap and securely wrapped both mirrors in the box. I sent them by UPS Shipping and the total weight was 6.54 lbs. I heard nothing about my refund to my pay pal for two weeks. I called and was told they were received and in fine shape and I would get my refund. Someone name Wagner assured me I would get an email stating my refund. Instead, two days later I get another label! I call and get someone named Geraldo who put me on hold to check out why. He comes back and says they were saying only one mirror was received and manager would check into the matter. I hear nothing when I was told they would call back on Friday. I call today which is Monday and they say someone will call me. When I finally get the call, this guy says I will get my refund when I return the other mirror! I was so angry and told him they were both in one box and securely wrapped. He keeps repeating I will get my refund when I return the other mirror. I was so infuriated being called a liar, when I shipped and bought extra materials to pack them safely as to get my money refunded! I even told him the weight and he tried to say that proved nothing. I told him to listen to their recorded phone calls where Wagner told me they were received and arrived in fine condition! He just kept insulting me by saying when you return the other mirror you will get your refund. I don't even know if I will get my money for one mirror, because they clearly have screwed me over and I don't know what I can do! Do not use this company to buy anything at all! They are crooked and making a fortune by lying and not refunding people's money! I have posted against their crooked practices on FB also. I wish that someone would find a way to stop them from taking people's money. I am on SS and can't afford people stealing what little money I have. Carid is crooked and needs to be stopped for stealing!

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  • Pe
      Nov 16, 2015

    I am happy to report that I used Pay Pal and finally went to them! They got me a full refund using my Tracking from UPS and the weight of the package! I am forever thankful to them. Don't use CARID, but ALWAYS use PAY PAL!! I am so thankful to them getting my money back!

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