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When I purchased the tires on a Tuesday the 9th I clearly stated to Anthony that I will be on the road on Tuesday Mourning for Florida due to being a insurance adjuster and needed to be down on Florida to inspect claims I had set up for inspection due to the Hurricane. Anthony fully understood this and I told him if the tires can not be to my home on Monday to cancel the order. He reassured me that he and his manager will walk or push this through so it will be there for Monday. NOW both of these lazy Piece of [censored]s did not walk this order through and the order was not put of for delivery until Wednesday night at 9 pm!!! This order was not canceled nor did these 2 "gentleman" did not take ownership of the mistake and just stated it was a possibility to get them on Monday. Then if they knew when they placed the order why not cancel as instructed and refund my money like I told Anthony to do. Then Anthony and Manager not answer the calls on The Thursday when I found out about this and they stated the order is shipped and it's mine!!! I had to change the inspection times of these insured who had their house damaged by a Hurricane that I would not be there to HELP them!!! I will and every chance I have to tell my story to every site and friends across the Country about your company!!! This is not good business. I very simple thing I requested is that you re-route the tires to Florida... yep These 2 [censored] refused this because they stated it was my issue and I had to pay for their mistake. (because they said it was a possibility for Monday) Even though I stated to cancel if the delivery time was going to be ON TUESDAY!!! This whole sale of these tires has caused many issues throughout the weekend and the beginning of the week to get the tires and having them installed it was a chain reaction of bad things happening!!!

Oct 21, 2018

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