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New Jersey
United States
Heather V. at Careington Dental agreed that the dentist over-charged me by not using the fee schedule he had agreed to. But when the dentist (Dr. Mordehay Rubinchik DDS of Woodland Park, NJ) didn't want to return my over-payment, he lied and said that I was being charged $100. for a missed appointment---- never missed an appointment!!! Heather V. at Careington toold me that she knew Dr. Rubinchik was lying about the missed appointment because the date he gave her didn't jive. She was on my side in the dispute until Dr. rubinchik refused to give me my over-payment back, and so I asked Careington for a full refund since the plan was bogus. That is when Heather changed her mind and went along with Dr. Rubinchik's lies. All because she diidn't want to refund my Carington premiums!!! Such a sad world we live in----people selling their integrity out to steal from innocent people!!! Complete details at: rubinchik.info
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N  11th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes

Careington Dental - debiting my account,i have no information on this company
187 stallings rd.
North Carolina
United States

this company has been debiting my checking account, I do not know this company... they need to stop immediately and credit my account or come forward and tell me what they are.
D  12th of Jul, 2011 by    +1 Votes
It's a dental plan. At sometime you HAD to provide the information, either from your work or through a website online in order for them to have your personal information. Maybe someone in your family?
Call Careington customer support at 1-800-590-0523 for help with this - they'll get it straightened out for you :)
PS - If you have "never heard of this company" then you could use a new technology called the "internet" to research them. Duh.
I think this is a bogus post.
N  23rd of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
Curious as to why do you conclude that "the plan was bogus" or whether you may be venting anger at the situation that has not resolved in your favor? As far as I can tell your explanation says that the Careington discount pricing for the dental services actually worked as intended. The problem that you wrote about is that you wished to enroll the Careington representative to negotiate a dispute regarding a missed appointment fee. Of course neither Careington nor any other benefit plan representative can do that since missed appointment fees are always an issue outside of the jurisdiction of the benefit plan. These missed appointment fees always raise tensions between patients and providers but this is solely a business choice of the provider and has nothing to due with the benefit plan.

I am defending Careington because I believe that they've earned public respect through years of exceptional consumer service in the PPO discount plan business. My role is to provide independent advice to those using an online insurance exchange, and I would not hesitate to recommend Careington as the best PPO discount pricing option available for those without dental insurance. Careington is, IMO, one of the 'bright stars' in the very contentious health care industry.
Tony Novak
OnlineAdviser services
N  23rd of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
Okay Tony... Let me spell it out in terms you can understand.
1. I paid a monthly fee to be a menber of a discount plan where dentists are only allowed to charge pre-set dollar amounts for each service provided.
2. Dr. Rubinchik did not charge by this fee schedule even though he accepts the Careington plan, and he did admit this to me claiming that he forgot I had the plan.
3. The Careington Rep (Heather V.) admitted to me that he over charged me by $213. based on allowable fees, and tried to help me dispute it with Dr. rubinchik.
4. When Rubinchik refused to refund the over-payment, I asked Heather at Careington for a refund for unrendered services.
5. Heather then switched sides and refused to refund my Careinton premiums. Even though she had previously told me that she knew Dr. Rubinchik was lying about the missed appointment because the dates he gave her didn't jive.
Both sides sold out their integrity to avoid admitting they were wrong or refunding the over-payment.
Tony, are you being paid to call Careington "one of the 'bright stars' in the very contentious health care industry" ??? It sounds to me like you are being compensated to defend them.
You can tell your employer that caringtondentists.com is a web page letting the world know of their unfair business practices and it is staying posted until I get a full apology and a refund for premiums paid for services unrendered.
N  23rd of Sep, 2011 by    -1 Votes
After reading all of the many many Careington Dental complaints online, I think a class action suit might be worth looking into.
N  20th of Jan, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Bogus post.
D  20th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
Has to be a bogus post. Careington is a GREAT company.
D  20th of Jan, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Your dispute is with your dentist, NOT the Careington program. If you had body work done on your car and the shop "over charged" you would you file a complaint against your insurance company? No. You would work it out with the body shop. Go to yahoo and google and write a review about your DENTIST.
N  15th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
My issue with Careington is that they can be misleading and unfair. my bad experience with Careington was that i had contacted many so called "participating providers" in/near my area that Careington themselves originally searched for me from their own lists and these supposedly "active providers" when I spoke to them said they do not accept Careington or any discount plans out there PERIOD, just INSURANCE ONLY which I was told over and over again. I reported this problem to Careington as I don't see why I should continue to pay into a discount healthcare plan for this long and finally when I need to get a much needed check up, no doctor accepts it. Furthermore Careington does not really update their listings of "providers" and I know this based on what Careington's own representative told me on the phone that the doctors themselves would have to call them to be removed from their lists which I think is nonsense when I the customer already found out for myself and Careington that these doctors do not accept any discount plans as I stated before; some doctor offices even added that they don't know Careington discount plans! So why would these doctors call Careington to remove themselves from a list they did not know about in the first place??? Did Careington sign doctors up without their knowledge?? I don't know but its obvious that something is fishy with Careington! I lost lots of money, Careington said to me I can not get back any money that I paid into their discount healthcare plan all these years even though I got absolutely no use out of it! That is clearly a rip off no matter how you look at it. I would not recommend this company. For those on here who use Careington and are fine with them then you must be the few lucky ones! For the rest of us we were screwed and that is the truth! I am not a person who rush to call a company a scam but I would not be surprised if Careington is found out to fall in that category though I personally see them as sneaky from my experience.
D  15th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
1. Careington not only markets a "discount dental plan" but also insurance products that are only available to employees of certain employers i.e. Humana, Blue Cross and a few other small companies you may have heard of.
2. There are 1000's of dentists in the network. They SHOULD notify careington corporate if they decide to opt out of any program, but that's the dentists fault - NOT Careington.

Your issue IS with the dentist. Not Careington.
N  15th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
Realistically everyone does not have the same exact experiences with Careington or really any Company at that matter. I have had bad experience with Careington though mines is much different then this person. But in these times of increasing identity theft it is not hard to believe that a fraudster could get your information and sign you up for something you know nothing about while using it at your expense. Not saying that is what has happened to this person but it isn't an impossible assumption either.
N  15th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
In this persons case according to what they state, the Dentist would be at partial fault because the Dentist admittedly opt-in to Careington and should of opt-out if they no longer wanted to continue with Careington program. HOWEVER where I would put a blame also on Careington is that it seems they do not hold these providers in a real contract and that is a BIG PROBLEM because if Careington did, then that Dentist couldn't get away with over charging as he would have a set contract with Careington but it seems Careington has customers paying into these plans with NO SECURITY TO THE CUSTOMER!
Furthermore Careington should be responsible by taking the time to update their lists PERIOD as its so unprofessional when you call supposedly active providers and they KNOW NOTHING about Careington, in fact it makes Careington appear suspicious! Tell me how hard it is for a big company like Careington to simply pick up a phone and contact these so called providers on their own lists that they are giving to customers??
D  22nd of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
I'm curious how you would go about scheduling any surgical procedure? Most insurance cards state that it is the responsibility of the patient to check to see if a doctor is accepted with any plan prior to scheudling any procedure. How is this any different? Do you go in and have the procedure done before asking if they accept Careington.

I purchased Careington on a Friday after a tooth was bothering me. This was a tooth that had new fillings over the course of forty years so I knew it was probably going to need more than a new filling. Turns out I needed it pulled and follow-up with a bridge. Although there were several other options (crown, etc) I choice the bridge after spending time talking with the Careingotn rep where he explained each procedure, benefits, and costs.

Too many people complain that they are not charged properly...according to the plan. They dont take into consideration what else is needed other than tooth extraction, etc. Would you have a filling replaced without anethesia? Do you have surgery without also paying a hospital and a surgeon? I was pleased with the way everything went especially since I signed up three days before visiting my dentist.

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