CareCentrixover billing for cpap machine

I got my Cpap machine in 2015 and paid my 6 month rent. After 6 month rent the Cpap should be paid off. I Paid $66.04 on the seventh payment accidently.
This should have given me a credit. I received some more supplies and checked my balance. The balance showed me owing for another month rent
a year after I got the machine which would make 8 months. I have called month after month trying to clear this up but nothing happens I called today and they said I owed $148.00 more, most of this is for the 7th and 8th month rent which I do not owe. Each call I make lasts around an hour but never helps, after each call the rep says they are going to straighten out the problem but never do. Today I received a letter from a collection agency.
I shall never do anymore business with US Bank or any of its agency's.

May 09, 2017

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