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Sold a large volume of gift cards to cardpool, expecting a quick turnaround on payment like plastic jungle, only to find myself at the beginning of what would turn into a two and a half month long transaction to get what was owed to me. First off, they do not communicate with their customers which means that when a $240 gift card disappears off of your account without notification, you have to follow up with them to get them to mail it back when they decide not to accept it! Yes, that's right - they removed the gift card from my account without notification and did not offer to send it back until I demanded it back! The balance was intact, and whatever reason they chose not to take it after initially accepting it and promising a check - it's more shameful that they surely would have kept the card had I not hassled them.

Then, with this snafu, they'll probably just forget to send you your check. At that point, don't expect any replies to your emails or attempts to contact their parent company blackhawk. I should have gone straight to the bbb. Which, by the way, took a month on its own because cardpool ignored the bbb complaint until I threatened them wit a deadline - and they were risking their accreditation. After all of this, barely an apology and I don't doubt that many people like myself fall through the cracks until they get a third party involved liked the bbb. I can't say whether or not cardpool is a scam or not but the completely negligent and frankly sketchy way this transaction unfolded leads me to believe that it's part of their business model.


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