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because of them I lost $200

Cardpool is a scam do not give them your money!! I purchased a $200 gift card from them and my sister tried...

gift cards

I ordered two electronic gift cards which are supposed to be sent via email in 24 hours, this timeline was not met. Sent them an email and a day later no response. They do not have customer phone support. Their site says it takes 1-3 days to respond to emails, really?, most companies can respond to emails the same day.
The bottom line, very bad customer support!
If they do not come through very soon, I may consider legal action.

amazon gift card

I sold my best buy gift card that had $500 on it. They immediately took the balance and said that I would receive $475 in amazon gift card in 1 business day. They have not responded to any email or voicemail. There is no way to speak to a customer service agent. This is fraud. If my order is not completed in 24 hours I will report the company for fraud and start knocking on the doors of their office in pleasanton. My order number is [protected] and my name is Kevin Flanagan. I live in California

bad site

I have purchased an electronic gift card from It was supposed to be a surprise present for a dear friend of mine. My friend was supposed to get it via email but did not receive anything.
I contacted CardPool customer care and they said they'll send it again. Still no card. Later they called me a liar and stopped answering! I bet they never even sent the card!! Very disappointed with this service, just a bunch of scammers.

selling of a gift card

Avoid at all costs! They are a complete and total Rip Off! I sold a gift card to them that I wa...

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electronic gift card

Stay away from this company. After placing an order over a week ago for an electronic gift card, they just called me to "verify" my information. The person doing this verification was extremely rude, and frankly, I do not think questions like "what cross street are you near", and "what is the telephone number for your credit card" are necessary at all. When have you ever had to give that information to place an order? I hesitantly gave them my information, and still have not received the electronic gift card I purchased from them over a week ago, and cannot get in touch with anyone over the phone. Never mind that the item I initially wanted is no longer in stock, and the gift card is useless to me. It states on their site with regards to electronic gift cards that:

"we'll typically email you with your electronic or mobile gift cards within 1 business day. During peak holiday periods, please allow 1 additional business day for processing transactions and also consider the usps holiday delivery schedule."

My credit card has been charged, and no one is giving me any information regarding my order. Between the sketchy verification process (that everyone seems to go through), the horrible customer service, to the fact that it's been over a week and I still haven't received an _electronic_ gift card - again, I highly recommend staying away from

received no money

I had several gift cards which I decided to sell so I went online and found This website seemed nice and I decided to try their service and sell some cards there. I made an account and successfully sold few cards, but I did not got the payment.
I immediately contacted customer service and asked for help and they said that they will see what they can do but they never did anything.
I sent them tons of emails and even called but one day they just stopped answering!! I'm very disappointed with their service and lack of seller protection.

they stole my money!

At the beginning they seemed very nice, but after they took my money they just stopped communicating with me...

extra charges!

People beware! Don't use this fraudulent company! I purchased a gift card from Cardpool and after that some extra money disappeared from my card! These people say that they never did anything but my bank confirmed that Cardpool made some extra charges! What a scam! I have already blocked Cardpool and will never deal with them again. Since they don't take any responsibility and deny that they stole my money it is now absolutely impossible to get my money back! Fraud alert!

stealing your money

THIS IS A SCAM. Do not use this website. If you sell Cardpool a gift card they will steal your money so beware. When you sell them your gift card and after they received it, they will claim that there is no money left on the card and they will blame it on you!! If you buy a gift card from them it will only have a balance of $1.00 or less and since most people will not spend it immediately… when you go to use it Guess what! NO cash! Again they will blame it on you. Any positive reviews that you see online for this company is posted by themselves. Use this company and lose all your money. Don’t do it.

don't waste your time

I tried to do some research before purchasing from this site and of course I found a lot of terrible reviews. But I was sure something like that won't happen to me, so I ordered some cards. I made an order, and thought that I paid for it, but after five days the card was still processing. No money has been taken from my bank. I even contacted my bank asking if I had made a purchase, just in case they had a hold on it or something. But on the bank side everything was clear. Then I sent a message asking Cardpool what was going on, but there was no answer. Very suspicious. Today I gave up and asked them to cancel my order. Don't waste your time on cardpool!

no payment received

Oct.22nd, 2014, I sold my $82 Home Depot gift card to Cardpool. It has been 2 weeks and no check. I have sold...

avoid this scam of a company!

Avoid this company like the plague. They have some of the worst business ethics and customer service of any...

i'd be very leary to use this site again

I've used them about 4 times over the past year with no problem. However, last week I purchased (2) lowes gift cards. My husband went to Lowes to buy a snow blower and the card was declined. After 45 minutes working with a very kind Lowe's store manager, we found out that the same cards were used that morning in North Carolina. We are in Wisconsin. The Lowe's manager didn't have to accept our card but saw we were scammed, accepted it and so Lowe's ate it. Either the thieves were the NC people or Cardpool but either way, I'd be very leary to use this site again.

they removed the gift card from my account without notification

Sold a large volume of gift cards to cardpool, expecting a quick turnaround on payment like plastic jungle, only to find myself at the beginning of what would turn into a two and a half month long transaction to get what was owed to me. First off, they do not communicate with their customers which means that when a $240 gift card disappears off of your account without notification, you have to follow up with them to get them to mail it back when they decide not to accept it! Yes, that's right - they removed the gift card from my account without notification and did not offer to send it back until I demanded it back! The balance was intact, and whatever reason they chose not to take it after initially accepting it and promising a check - it's more shameful that they surely would have kept the card had I not hassled them.

Then, with this snafu, they'll probably just forget to send you your check. At that point, don't expect any replies to your emails or attempts to contact their parent company blackhawk. I should have gone straight to the bbb. Which, by the way, took a month on its own because cardpool ignored the bbb complaint until I threatened them wit a deadline - and they were risking their accreditation. After all of this, barely an apology and I don't doubt that many people like myself fall through the cracks until they get a third party involved liked the bbb. I can't say whether or not cardpool is a scam or not but the completely negligent and frankly sketchy way this transaction unfolded leads me to believe that it's part of their business model.

it's not worth all of the hassle to save $10

Ordered my cards Sunday about 10:30am. Was called by a Cardpool agent to verify my identity as this was my "first time using their company". I agreed, and verified my information. I then got an email saying I would have the e-gift cards in my inbox within 24 hours (that would be about 4:30pm Monday afternoon). Alas, I checked my email last night around 10pm and the cards were not there. Called Cardpool today and was unable to reach anyone. I promptly called American Express, filed a complaint and am fighting the charge as I have not received the product ordered in the time promised. If they ever send the e-gift cards, I plan to promptly delete the email. I would never use this company again. This is why I usually just pay full price, it's not worth all of the hassle to save $10.

avoid dealing with this ppl

I traded in my gift card and was suppose to get my money within 24 hours. That didn't happen! To my stupidity, I checked the reviews for the website after I went through with everything. I will be calling the Better Business Bureau in the morning. With SO many bad reviews I am surprised they haven't been shut down. CALL THE BBB!

  • Nu
    Numek Sep 17, 2012

    I recently sold a 200.00 dollar Lowes Gift Card to Cardpool and BOY was I shocked at how terrible their service was. First of all, they say mailing time (First Class) takes 3-7 days, which is true. However when payment was not received in three to seven days I emailed them (BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO PHONE NUMBER) asking where my check was, they forwarded me to the fine print at the bottom of the page that says it could actually take up to THREE WEEKS for me to receive my payment.

    Two weeks later I email them again curious as to where my check was, and for three days I didn't get a response, so I emailed them again and finally got the response I was looking for. Apparently my check was "Lost in the mail" so they were going to send another one. Finally, after waiting over a month, I've received my check. But I'll never use them again. I've sold gift cards before through and it was MUCH EASIER. The only downside is they put a hold for the value of the card on your account while they check on the cards validity, but they immediately deposit the money into your account afterward, which is awesome.

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  • Ma
    Maimel Sep 21, 2012

    Cardpool is an online company that buys and sells preowned gift cards. I had $350 in unused Best Buy gift cards that I wanted to sell. I agreed to sell the cards for $323.40 and was emailed a prepaid shipping label. They offer a choice to receive a higher value for your cards if you take the credit in an Amazon Gift Card. I chose this option. I followed their instructions and sent them the cards on Aug 11, 2012. Cardpool claims they never received the cards. According to Best Buy the cards were cashed 4 days after I sent them. I would chalk this up to bad luck and the cards just getting lost in the mail, but upon further research about this company I have found many similar complaints. I suspect they have an internal theft problem within their company.

    I requested that they honor the exchange they had agreed to do. They were unwilling to do so.

    My concern is that they have a history of doing this to customers.

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Cardpool is an online company that buys and sells preowned gift cards. I had $350 in unused best buy gift...

no one's ever replied to me

I have, on two different occasions mailed my giftcards to them and on both occasions, received a message from them saying my cards could not be processed. They mailed them back and i sold them to another site and they accepted it without questions so what seems to be the problem with cardpool? I emailed them a number of times asking for a reason but no one's ever replied so please just avoid and go sell to plasticjungle or

I caution anyone buying gift cards from them right now

I went through the purchase process on CardPool's website of a gift card. The cash was pulled from my account and CardPool waited until the last minute of their own deadline to inform me they didn't actually have that gift card. The money I used to buy the gift card got stuck in limbo for 5 days. Since, I gave them the benefit of the doubt I purchased a different gift card and had the same response, They didn't have that gift card either.

I have used CardPool in the past and had no problems. I'm waiting on the return of over $500 the largest purchase yet for me. CardPool says they buy all the gift cards before they post them on the website, so I don't know what is going on over their, however I caution anyone buying gift cards from them right now.