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Carcraft / Not keeping promises

1 CarcraftLeeds, England, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Review updated:
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When i purchased a car from carcraft in december i specifically asked sales man to put me on a finance where i will pay for the car in september but when i called ge money and they told me im on the higher finance that was the 1st problem 2nd problem they put insurance on my account which i never asked for so they removed this for me after 2 mths i found a fault with the seat belt light called their nec guarantee people up (as i have 1 year guarantee on this vehicle) and 1 of the adviser helped me but when i called back they refused to help so i left it thinking its a minor fault and im not getting any help either then after 4 mothes i had a big problem my turbo went faulty called nec guarantee again and explained the problem and they refused again to help made so many calls to them also popped down to carcraft a couple of time just to confirm if this was covered got conflicting information then spoke to a manager from carcraft and he said (iv got all these managers names-will give if you want) this is covered and nec gaurantee that work for carcraft should cover this for you .... the number of times i called nec gaurantee some advisors were saying its covered some were saying its not covered they were very very rude and arogant they just didnt want to help me in any way spoke to a manager from there and he was even ruder and made nasty coments about me and my family so i wasnt willing to speak to these people again as i wasnt treated well so i went back to carcraft and they kepy saying you are covered you need to speak to nec gaurantee so basically i was messed around for a month or more being messed around ....because i work in leeds and i have to look after my daughter and father i had no car i spent £13500 on a car that didnt work and i was using the public transport to get to work and look after my dad i also missed my cabin crew interviews because of these people i went and 1000 to fix part of my problem on the car (got new turbo, exugst sit contaminated have proof for this ) and drove the car to carcraft really upset i was in tears and i got to speak to a head manager called imy from leeds carcraft showroom where i origanally got the car from told him my problem and explained what i had been through and followed all the right paths but got no where ....imy made an offer to me and that was to swap the car because the car had many problem and i had been through many problems with the company so as a goodwill he offered this to me and i excepted the offer i at that time called trading standards and had made a note with them regarding this offer made to me and they have given me a reference number for this has been logged .... when i excepted the offer in august i also asked for a refund on the repair cost as i have the right on that too as i have a year guarantee on the car and imy said i can only offer an exchange of car but im not autherised to give you your money back so i said ok il take the exchange but i want my money that iv paid to repair the car and which was covered in the guarantee.... so imy said thats fine il offer you the car but i will speak to john leigh (head manager of rochdale callcentre) to get autherisation to refund the amount i spent on the i left it at that and also updated trading standards about this then after a couple of weeks john leigh called me on my mobile number and confirmed they were in the wrong and appologised for the inconvience and thanked for being patient and said i will allocate imy to get you your car swapped and the finance which is wrong and i know who missold the wrong finanace to you and i will deal with that salesman any way he assured me that the car will be swapped and the finance will be held and sorted out and the refund will be looked in to .... i was really happy and left at that ... so i walked away thinking everything will be dealt with its in good hand i put my trust back in to carcraft coz what distress they put me through before was really bacd and i had lost trust in them ... but any way i put all my faith in to these 2 people who were willing to help me ....after all the time i waited for the promised to be fulfiled i received a call from gina simpkin in january 2008 and she called me and said when can i come down to swop the car i said i can come down whenever you want but then i asked her have you sorthed out my repair refund and she said i dont know what your talking about ??? then i asked her its took her 5 mothes just to swop the car and you dont know anything about the refund ?? she appologised and said leave it with me and i will call you back regarding this she called the next day and said can i send the receipts and i said i will ( the number of managers i spoke to since i have had this prob have all advised me to keep the repair receipts ) so anyway and sent off the receipts then i waited for another month and an half for (car still not swopped) had no call from them so i decided to call them that was yesterday 27/02/08 asked to speak to gina simpkin was told 4-5 times she s busy eventually got through and quite bluntly she turned round and said we are not gona swop your car and we will give you the refund for the repair which they shlould give as i had a guratee on the car i asked her that the swopping of the car was already agreed and autherised by john leigh then why ?? she said youve been driving the car and then i said to her what does that mean are u backing off with what you agreed and i had accepted said you cant do that ??? she said we cant and that it was an error made by imy and john leigh i was quite shocked that they came out with this to my understanding as i work for a big company you cannot go back on your words if you offer something to a customer no matter what you have to give them that doesnt matter if it was an error she also said it was lack of communication between them now i dont see that i have to suffer for this and why i had to wait from august 2007 to today ??? she said if a car is faulty within 6 months we can do sominthing about it but if its over that then what ever was offered was as a goodwill and they admit it was as goodwill what they offered and i excepted then when they took their time for no reason they are makeing excusses and saying were not gona give what you exceppetd in August ??? i have spoke to gina simpkins manager and she said the same and she also said when i said are you not bothered you are going to lose me as a customer and that i am going to tell everyone in leeds and rotherham that youve broken a promise and she said it doesnt matter weve got customers else where ?? i was quite shocked at there behaviour and at the response to my question?? i have recorded these calls as evedense to prove they had made me a promise and that they admitted in the call 3 times they had promised me to swop the car but making excuses that they had made an error please please i have been waiting for a very long time to get this resolved and nothing has been done iv had no jusctice please help me with how can a big company like carcraft go back on their words aspecailly if they admitting to what they offered me and then saying no we wont give you it.

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      7th of Aug, 2008
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    Hi there, Please see for more information and to unite in helping other victims of their fraudulent, cruel and criminal behavior.

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