Car Toys WarrantyBlackberry Cell Phone Warranty

What a ridiculous nightmare!! I got suckered into purchasing a $200 extended warranty for a new Blackberry Pearl in January 2008 (I know-very stupid). 11 months later the phone simply wouldn't take a charge. I called the warranty phone number for the CarToys warranty who told me to go into the retail CarToys store and see if it was the battery or charger. I knew it wasn't either, but went anyways. The clerk informed me that she saw bent pins in the charger port. Bent pins??? What are you talking about?? I have no idea why the pins are bent, but I have a deluxe extended bumper to bumper warranty that I was told covers everything, even putting it through the washing machine. I've never touched the phone in any abusive or negligent way. I'm not some kid who just wants another new phone for no reason. At that point the clerk gets on the phone with the warranty company, supposedly a secondary vendor. All of a sudden the "deluxe" bumper to bumper warranty was denied because "I had obviously tampered with the pins." I again explained that the charger wasn't taking a charge and that nothing had been tampered with. They sent me home with my old phone saying they would find another way of covering it for me and let me know by that afternoon. Needless to say, I didn't hear from anyone and called the following morning. Now I speak to the manager and he says he'll get back to me in just a bit. He calls back in an hour and tells me that he has to jump through corporate hoops but that he thinks he can replace the phone but the warranty is now void. I tell him that he'll have to do better than that as I foolishly paid $200 for a warranty that was completely bogus and invalid. I still haven't heard from him. This afternoon I called Verizon who told me they would send out a new phone immediately and that it was still considered covered under the manufacturers warranty within 12 months, no questions asked. Now I want my $200 back from CarToys. What a ripoff company. Slimeballs!!

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