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I went in to Car City Super Center in Lansing MI. to get what i thought was an honest dealership to get a good car an help a good report for my credit so it would help me. When i went in there i made them aware that i was really hesitant about getting a car from there the guy i was dealing with not once offered me any info on how it works getting a car not in the beginning the middle end . I made him aware i was sure i didn't bring in 1500. a month i just passed my 90 days at one job an only worked part time at the other. Even thought there's alot more i cant fit on here not enough room. Anyhow i knew i would have to put down a good amount i started out at 3000. an to lower my car payment i put down 500. more which i didn't plan to do but they only dropped the payment by $1.05 from 310. to the whopping 308. big drop in payment NOT! Well once they rushed me threw the paper work . It was a Friday an when i got home an thought about it i got out my paper work an realized it was a lease agreement not a buyers agreement like i thought so i called an they weren't open til Monday which when i got in there an spoke to the manager he offered me an extended warranty for free 12mon 12, 000 miles then i watched him retype my paper work an take it out of the 3500. i put down nice. Of course he thought i was stupid an said heres what else i can do for you i will give you a report of your credit for free even though i knew you could get it free anyway. But i like i said there's alot more bottom line i wish i had an attorney to take my case an help me win it an get all my money back.

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  • Ca
      26th of Apr, 2011

    I am sorry that you had a bad experience with us. We work very hard to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with their vehicle and their experience. I hope that you will call me so that we can discuss your experience and make things right. Please call me at 616-249-2000 Ext 316.

    Brandon Baker
    Car City Supercenter

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  • Be
      29th of Apr, 2011

    Today 4/28/11 I replied to the above comment by Brandon Baker.
    About 4:30 pm Mr. Baker returned my call. He asked for an explanation pertaining to my experience with Car City. I repeated the incident to Mr. Baker. He agreed that my experience with Car City was less than desirable. He asked how he could make things right, then presented a number of options. I did not agree with those options an felt that it was an insult. I feel his intention was to avoid Arbitration, at all cost no matter how small.

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  • Be
      24th of May, 2012

    All Car City was willing to do for me was to wipe it off my credit instead of repay the money i put into it. I can't believe people still are going to them they're all CROOKS !!! The car was nice especially will all the scratches and the under the hood stuff that i told them about that the KIA Dealer found. WOW
    However Brandon from Car City Could have easily gave me back my money and i would have removed my comment like they asked me to when they so nicely took it off my Credit WOW that doesn't put the money back in pocket that i wasted to trust them to get a car, i could have bought one out rite and not made payments on.

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  • Tk
      6th of Oct, 2015

    So today I called orbit leasing to ask if I could trade in my crappy equinox that I have already put a crap ton of money into and only have had the car since January. The reason I wanted to trade it in is because my husband and myself have 3 children and we are expecting another and need a vehical large enough to fit all of us. Well you would think it wouldn't have been an issue seems how I pay $400 a month on my crappy equinox. I knew it was a bad idea to deal with them when I couldn't get into the car at first because they had sprayed something on the seat and the fact that they had to replace my battery before I was able to leave because the dang thing wouldn't start. Don't even get me started about all of the rust that is starting to show up under what looks like boiled paint.. I am thinking about just saying screw it and file bankruptcy so those ### holes can't get any more of my money for a very crappy expensive car. Or I'll be contacting a lawyer.

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  • Ro
      23rd of Jan, 2016

    Horrible company taking advantage of desperate vulnerable people..."leased a car " reason for quotes is that lease was not well explained! Thought it was financing hmmmm? Got ours in October 2015 ... Continuously had problems with car the first few months was at the dealer more than in my driveway...despite these issues the .service dept was great! Sales and management not so much! We were also very misled about the down payment of 39 down? They made us pay 500 big difference!!! We have noticed a lot of rust behind bubbled paint and something was put on the fabric of the seats that when water is spilled it creates stains? Not worth the 480 per month for a 2003 vehicle... Orbit leasing what a bunch of uncaring cold people... Another issue is that toward the end of our deal and paperwork we were notified of the "GPS" system and I had to ask detailed questions regarding this device... This should be explained to the consumer immediately before even test driving! My husband unexpectedly lost his job and we were unable to make a payment of course they "shut it off" not that it is the financing companies issue that my husband lost his job but there should be some sort of hardship especially when only having the vehicle a few months and it being a lease... I'm scared to death that I can't get out of this and that it could do more long term damage to my credit and my finances... Never did we anticipate that we would lose an income and have a car sitting in our driveway that we cannot drive... I want out of this with no repercussions...

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  • Sa
      27th of Jun, 2016

    I purchased a van from car city in lansing. Shortly after the "purchase" our pay schedule changed from weekly to by weekly. I called Orbit to just get my die date changed to help accommodate this. They said they could not do that. So for the entire time I am paying on it I get shut off because it is late. Since shortly after I purchased it there have been mechanical problems not covered by my warranty. At this point I have put more into it then it is worth. I was consulted by an attorney who told me to file. I will never recommend this place to anyone. They should be shut down.

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  • St
      28th of Nov, 2016

    No one should EVER go through Car City. eVER! It is a scam. Not only do they lie to get you in a vehicle and you are paying a ridiculous amount ...they will shut off your car when it isn't even the end of the due date. Then when you call and speak to anyone, ANYONE, in Orbit Leasing, they will be extremely rude, unprofessional and even laugh at you over the phone...including lying and changing the story to make them seen like the victim. I repeat, DO NO GO THROUGH CAR CITY..YOU WILL HIGHLY REGRET THE DECISION.

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  • We
      15th of Dec, 2016

    Car city is a company that takes so much advantage of people that have bad credit and cannot afford to purchase a car at the moment, although they tell you it will help your credit. I purchased a 2008 Malibu, the total cost for the car was 20K for a car that I can pay cash for under $5, 000.00. My point is Car city is a legal scamming company along with Orbit Leasing!

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