Capitec Bankservice at gugulethu branch

B Nov 29, 2017

I have visited this branch yesterday afternoon 04:40 pm and needed assistance regarding 2 debit orders that had gone off my account. I needed to get a reversal for this as this has made some of my other debit orders not get funds.
When I arrived at the branch there was not even anyone at the door to assist me... After trying to get a service ticket my self I was then assisted my a consultant who gave me a ticket and I have a seat. The consultants on the floor assisting customers where not at all happy to see another customer come as it was close to home time...I felt to un-welcome and like I was at the wrong place, but never the less I sat and waited. Once my number had been called I have a seat with a consultant named Lulo. This guy did not even listen to what I have to say and the reason why I wanted to dispute my payment. He informed me that my account was blocked and could not dispute a payment for any of my creditors as I have to get "approval/confirmation" from them in writing. To my surprise! He made me call African Bank and request for this and after been told I could not get it and him checking is watch every 2 seconds...he simply told me there was nothing he can do. He did not even open the statement to see how the payment went off or what I was talking about. I was so upset and he could not even see that. I then decided to call the call center this morning and both my creditors TO CONFIRM THIS and I was informed to try another branch as they did not see a problem with my account. I was happily assisted by the Woodstock branch and it was not even 15 mins in and out! Wooow what a difference...I am really disappointed in the was that Lulo treated me. I can believe that he would be so careless and inconsiderate, yet he works with customers everyday. I feel so sorry for some of the customers he has mislead and even provided false information to...simply because he is lazy. I do know he got the job and was able to keep it while this is what he does. In fact that whole branch does not seem like they work as a team and I don't even want to know what the manager is like because I can see it by the way Lulo was behaving when I was there. I would never make the mistake of going there again even through it is close to me but NO THANKS!

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