Capitec Bankincorrect info/travel insurance "scam"/incompetent social media consultants

I got a credit card with Capitec because they seemed to be the best bank at the moment and they offer free travel insurance for any trips where the plane tickets are bought using a Capitec credit card. The credit card was specifically for travel, so it seemed a perfect match.

I contacted both Capitec and their travel insurance partner about 6 months ago to find out how to activate the travel insurance, so that I would be prepared when the time came. Well, the time is now and I still have not received a response from either. I have already bought international plane tickets - using the credit card - and STILL cannot find out how to activate the travel insurance. My trip is in just over 10 days time and it has been proven I cannot trust Capitec to respond in time so I had to spend R900 to buy travel insurance from another company so that I would be covered. That is R900 that Capitec has cost me because they don't provide after-sales service to their customers.

To try and recoup this loss (which came out of my holiday food budget), I contacted Capitec to ask what I would need to take in order to extend the credit facility on my credit card. I have the email from them saying that all that I needed to take was my ID book and my latest payslip. I only get 30min for lunch so I always make sure I am properly prepared before going into the bank. Today I took my ID and latest payslip into the bank. I went through everything with the consultant and was approved for a small extension. Not terribly impressed with the amount, but I didn't have time to look at other options. Got all the way to the end of the process - only to be told that because I don't pay my salary into that account, I also needed bank statements. It is of no consequence that the customer care agent didn't know that when giving the info I requested. It is their job to ask or to, at least, tell me that if I don't bank my salary with them I would also need to take bank statements with me. I literally have recent bank statements in my office but it was never mentioned that I would need them and there was no time to go back as I was already late back for work. Waste of my time, money and energy!

I also had an issue with my e-statements printing without the stamp. Reported this on Facebook and the thread went on for days because the person dealing with it seems unable to read. I had to actually ask them to read my comment again because they completely missed the point and kept giving useless answers. Eventually I gave up.

That is now 3 issues - two of them serious ones - and no resolution from Capitec at all!

So quick to act wonderful and helpful when signing you up, but no care after the fact.

So disappointed in this bank and their lofty promises that they seem to have no intention of keeping.

Nov 28, 2018

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