[Resolved] Capitec Bank / hold status added to my bank account

Lawrence chavani chauke [protected]). I went to capitec branch in cresta to inquire about my credit as I have two loans and credit card currently with capitec, only to find out that a hold status has been added to my account because I received fraudulent funds which were later withdrawn, I have no knowledge of the sender or the person who withdrew the funds, I have not even received sms notification of this transaction. I was then advised to go to the police station and write sworn statement and agree to reimburse the funds, as this was my only option to have my account cleared. I fully co-operated with the bank, even though I have no knowledge of this whole transaction. Up to date my account remain closed, dispite all the efforts I went through. Capitec has treated me like a common criminal and whole situation has frustrated me.

  • Resolution statement

    Capitec Bank have responded "KINDLY BE ADVISED THAT THE ACCOUNT WILL REMAIN CLOSED DUE TO THE FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY ON THE ACCOUNT" .That's the response i received via email from [email protected] .No further explanation was given .I am not happy at all

  • Updated by lawrence chavani, Jun 01, 2018

    The response i received from capitec is not satisfactory, lack much explanation and does not give direction or way forward .

May 30, 2018

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