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I have an upside down mortgage with capital one. I have tried for 2 years to be proactive and fix this. I have written letters, spoke to attorney's, called the bank upteen times, visited branches etc. Currently I hold a mortgage that is over $500, 000. I had a forensic audit done on my appraised used in 2007 to fund my loan. This appraisal was fraudulent. Square footage was made up. All comps were fraudulent etc... Capital one's underwriting department failed to flag this prior to funding the loan. I went to re-fiance my home and uncovered all this information which I had documented per forensic audit. Capital one refuses to work with me. They refuse to connect me with anyone at the bank other than a customer service representive to fix this issue. A national bank committed FRAUD and is getting away with it. How is this possible. Please HELP!

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  • Cg
      Sep 28, 2009

    I called Captial one and was offered a zero percent balance transfer for 6 months, then it would be 4.99% fixed for the duration of the balance transfer. For two months I received zero % on the third month, I got hit witha 15.9% finance charge and when I called to find out why they tell me that deal was never available. They are now saying I have to pay 15.9% for the duration of the balance transfer. When I asked them to pull the recording of our conversation, they say they cannot do that. I then speak to Mike the Accounts specialist and he says the guys that offer the balance transfers are paid on commission so they might say anything to make the sell. Well now I am stuck with a 15.9% balance transfer. This is FRAUD

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  • Co
      Jul 10, 2010

    i currently have credit score of 707 points. and i had to open a credit card with no oversea usage charge and the capital one was the only one. so ive applied online and they said my credit was approved. and today ive received my credit card with a limit of $500. what??????/ are you freakin kidding me??????? so ive called and talked to the customer service rep and he transfered me to the specialist and what she said was i was a high risk for them and that was the best they could do. credit score above 700 is a high risk????? and if i was, then i shouldve got turned down when i filed in the application. i told her to fix this because this is not acceptable and she said there was nothing she can do so if i dont like it, close the account. so i did. now im left with heavy inquried ###ed up credit report. ###in scammers. thats all i can say

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  • Sh
      Feb 24, 2013

    Did you receive any help?

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