Capital One Bank / denial of access to my account

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In the take over of Chevy Chase bank I was forced to be a Capital one customer.
Although I talked several hours with 5-8 representatives for several days the bank could not provide me an internet access to my account.
Till now I do not have such access, and I became a prisoner of Capital One bank.

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  • Me
      Sep 20, 2010

    Same story here. I use online banking services a lot, for bill payment, etc. A few weeks ago Capital One sent us a letter saying they were completing the takeover and that as a result on a certain date my login name would change (they provided the new one) and I should use the same password to access my info.

    Well... I tried, and my login info was rejected. New one, old one, all caps, all lowercase, doesn't matter. After I tried a few times, the system DISABLED my online account. oookaaaay... There was an 800 number on the letter and an 800 number on the website. The one on the letter was an invalid number and the one on the website was an automated service that said they were closed after regular business hours and I should GO ONLINE BECAUSE THAT NEVER CLOSES. It would be funny if it weren't so horrible.

    I can hardly wait to move my money. PNC here I come!!

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