Capital One Auto Financecalls 8-9 times a day

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Dear Capital One, I have asked numorous times to quit calling me every day! I will not answer the phone! I have no job! Car, House-which was foreclosed on due to the death of my Husband. I dO NOT WORK! I have nothing! Not even a bank account! I am tired of being harrassed every day! and I'm tired of all the foreigners taking us Americans jobs! When you call I can't even understand You foreigners! So, don't call! You won't get any money out of me because I have none! I can't help the situation I am in! That was uncontolable! You don't care about the consumer at all! I will never get a loan thru you again in life!You have made me mad, angy, hostile and I'm not a hostile person! You have harrassed me for over a year! So, please give it a rest! You can't squeeze blood out of a turnip! Can u understand that? I am asking you again quit calling me---Peggy Palazzola! If, you do not quit calling me, I will take futher action even, if that means getting a Lawyer!

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  • Di
      Sep 14, 2014

    I'm sorry to hear that you are currently not on a job, I hope the situation solves soon. I previously worked in Collections in Capital One and have the reason why you keep receiving calls, but you will not like it... Capital One has an automatic dialer system in-place, it has a registry of all customers that are past due on their account, and only that; no notes of why the account is behind or that the customer is unable to pay the loan amount because of X reason... Just the phone numbers. The system dials your number and then connects an agent. Now the part of the jobs... I am American, born in Kansas, and the entire team that works in US soil for Capital One is American. However the pay per hour is too high here, so they outsource the rest of the customer service team to other countries. I worked in one of those centers in Central America and I have to say, every single member of that team was either native English speaker or had a perfect English speech. So the problem of communication has to be on your side. So no one is taking jobs to the Americans, we just charge too much for the job ;) BTW, you can always fill a C&D in a court so that Capital One can no longer contact you over the phone. But keep in mind that you still need to pay the car because you made the loan.

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