Candlewood Suitesbooking a room

If you don't rent rooms to locals this should be told to the customer at the time of booking, not at check in time!!! Candlewood suites in vicksburg ms., whether it's thru your company directly or thru a booking agency!!! If you're doing business with a booking agency you should still be on the same page!!! I feel both companies are to blame!!! I booked my room on may 21st for may 24th!!! I arrived to check in the morning of the 24th to check in, and was told check in is a 3:00!!! I still was able to give all my information, drivers license, address ect.!!! Upon returning around 6:00, I was told there was a flag because they don't rent to locals!!! What!!! I was just here this morning, I said!!! The guy was new she said!!! So what, i'm thinking!!! There was a manager there with him putting in my information!!! I had guest from out of town for my daughters graduation that day, and thought it would be a nice place for them!!! I stayed there back in 2012 it was nice!!! I had to try and get another room last minute, thank goodness comfort suites was able to accommodate me last minute, especially with graduation going on!!! OMG!!! What if I wouldn't have been able to get a decent room for my guest!!! Bad business!!!

May 31, 2018

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