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This academy is no academy.

This is a one woman business. Her business: misleading her clients to believe they are working with Ian Garrett, the music instructor of Shania Twain. Once you go for your orientation, which she will claim to be a quick, free, meet and greet, she will tell you afterwards that it is $100.00. At that point, they would have sat with you for about an hour, not a few minutes, and she will then claim that she provided a service, thus, a payment must be made. Even if you argue that this fee was not disclosed to you over the phone, she will insist that it is outlined in their policy. To avoid further inconvenience, you may pay in the hopes to leave and never come back. But she won't be done with you yet.

Before leaving, the office assistant (at least that is what she tells you when you meet her) will then try to convince you to have lessons with Ian Garrett. Explaining that you/prospective student is remarkable, and that such potential should not go to waste. She will emphasize that Ian Garrett is very booked up, and that if you do not sign up right away, the really good deal she is giving you, as well as the availability will be gone. Of course, this is not true, but if you do decide to sign up for a few lessons she will then tell you that you have to hold the spot by providing your visa information. She will then pretend that her machine is not working, in order to fill out a MANUAL copy, at that point she will take your visa information down, and leave the signature and amount blank - which is to be filled out when you return to confirm the lessons.

A few days later you will see charge of a ridiculous amount of money, in my case 1600.00, to your visa from this apparent "Academy." At this point there is very little you can do, she will forge the amount, and whatever other information she has to in order to get the payment. At that point you are free to attend the lessons, but only after she has scammed you and basically stole from you. After many conversations with the "assistant" I was made aware that she is the owner of the company, and Ian Garrett actually works for her. She falsely advertised that the company is his, and that she works for him.

I have been to many music schools within the GTA, there are much better ones out there, as this is not a school, but a scam. I cannot believe she would scam students, I was 18 at the time, she knew that I couldn't afford the lessons, hence why I held the spot in hopes to see if my parents would assist in payment. And then she goes and charges my visa. This woman is unreasonable, she would not refund my money after my bank, my mom, and myself spoke with her. She's out for money regardless of the implications.

I call this woman, "woman" because to this day, after speaking with her over 100 times, she did not disclose her name. When you call her she with give you different names over time. The academy has no direct phone number, the number she uses is her personal cell phone. When she is not in the office she does not answer calls or return voicemails, not unless you are a new prospective student, who she can steal from.

This place this terrible, I'm surprised she is still in business. It saddens me that places like this exist, and how many people she has done this to.

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    Ian Garrett Canadian Academy of Vocal Music customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the client have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.

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  • Ma
      5th of Apr, 2012
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    I have heard about this place! Something similar happened to a friend of mine, how are they still in business?

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  • No
      8th of May, 2012

    The lady in question is named Diane, she is very shady and will absolutely mislead you and scam you out of your money. They will quote you different prices and then make it seem like you are the one with the problem. She will pressure you into signing without reading and will use verbal harassement should you challenge her. She is completely unprofessional and will make it seem like they are doing you a favour. Stay away at all costs!!!

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  • No
      10th of May, 2012

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  • Do
      10th of Jul, 2012

    Something similar happened to me as well - I am very sorry to hear that such a business can operate in such a way. They should really be shut down.

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  • Su
      25th of Jul, 2012

    Dear prospective students and disgruntled ones. This academy has stood the test of time and will continue to do so regardless of any unproven complaints posted on a complaints website. All students of the arts must diligently research and prepare for many different approaches to vocal academies. As a consumer you must act as a responsible and mature individual that must never allow anyone to pressure you or make you feel obligated into taking any courses. The fact that this student in question has committed to and paid for services, indicates her willingness to make a personal attempt at furthering her career and/or artistic endeavors. When paying for and signing up with classes for any artistic field, let the buyer beware! There are many schools out there, yet many fail to last over the years. The Canadian Academy of Vocal Music has been a solid base in the field of music coaching and has helped to further the careers of many successful artists in Canada and abroad. As a former student and friend of IAN, I can personally vouch for the kind and professional gentleman of the arts that he is. He is the most courteous, talented, educated, honest, dedicated person and teacher. He calls it like it is, either you need training or you don't. You will be evaluated according to the level of vocal range in which he has determined you are at. As with many coaches, each have their own specialty and students either believe in them or they don't. Money paid for services rendered must be fully reviewed by both parties involved, and to try and discourage any new prospective students by posting a blog against a school or academy only shows just how vindictive and slanderous one can be when results are not achieved by the buyer. If personal clashes like the story above has to be thrown out on the internet for many viewers to read, the lack of integrity of the student thus proves herself to be one of blatant exploitation and of condescending behavior. Grow up! This is the world of arts and entertainment. A tough field for anyone to enter into and will either uplift or crush a student's EGO! My advice for anyone approaching any business to further their career would be to get a legal adviser, an agent, a publicist, a manager and an accountant. This is what it takes to make it in the world of the arts to be successful. If one chooses to take upon all those fields upon themselves then good luck to you, you will need it. Any unproven accusations that are not done in a court of law must be taken with a grain of salt. The Academy has taken many students to the height of stardom in this world and to focus on negativity of oneself and to try and slander a school, academy or teacher only shows the lack of personal character that a prospective artist has. Obviously there was bad vibes or conflict from the beginning of the first meeting and it spiraled downward thereafter. Suck it up buttercup and absorb the loss. There are many willing and bright students out there that have heard great reviews of this Academy and will continue to pursue vocal courses with it. A fine establishment in the professional world of vocal instruction. P.S. Not everyone in this world is a Shania Twain, and if you suck you suck! Suck it up Buttercups!

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  • No
      27th of Jul, 2012

    I think this posting says it all about the level of professionalism and lack of accountability. I was able to find a very credible vocal school that was honest and transparent and would recommend them. They are called National Academy of Music - www.MississaugaMusicLessons. Stealing consumers money is never right. I am glad that the truth is finally posted about this school along with the many people they have already taken advantage of. Thank goodness for the internet and allowing others to save themselves from going through anything like this.

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  • Xx
      22nd of Oct, 2012

    Thank goodness I found out this information before I actually took my daughter there. I will definitely not go to this so called Academy!

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  • Ma
      12th of Sep, 2013

    I see that this complains were posted about a year ago. Unfortunately, nothing has changed. I wish I’d seen these comments prior to my visit to this horrible place. Lesson learned. I will definitely do better research next time. However, luckily, I left just on time before got scammed. After sending an e-mail to Ian (address provided on their website), I got phone call from women who quickly suggested a "trial lessen" to determine best way to help my son prepare for his singing role in the musical. I asked about price and time commitment. She just provided "approximate" charge per 1/2 hour. She never mentioned $100 for the initial visit. Once we were there she causally asked for the money, without walking us through the process and explaining the cost. I found that strange and I said that I wish she told me about it in advance. She seemed to get offended by my remark and started to “mock” me in the presence of my son. She was so unbelievably rude and unprofessional. Knowing that this is important to my son, I asked her to change the subject and to let us see Ian, while handing out my card. With very sarcastic smile and insane face expression, she asked me if it would make me happy if the coaching was free?! My young son looked at me, asking to leave. “Just leave. This is not for you anyway, ” she said angrily ??!!! How dare! Yes, I didn’t waste my money, but horrible experience will be stuck with me for a wile. Please parents – do your through research prior taking your kids for any kind of lesson!

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