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We bought our thor ace 29.4 from the woodstock ga dealer in february. Noticed, & had noted at that time, numerous little things that needed to be addressed. We were "over the curb", but not ready to pick up at that time. They did let us leave the rv parked while we looked for a place to land it. We thought this was a win-win as they would have plenty of time to address the issues that were previously noted. Did I mention that the rv was still winterized? Which was ok with us, as we were not ready to take it anywhere. We were promised, promised, that all the issues would be addressed & taken care of. Move forward a month. We finally find some place to land the rv, as we will be living in it full time.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Woodstock, GAWe call to give camping world of woodstock ga a heads up that we were ready to pick up & drive away in about a week. We were promised, promised, that the rv would be ready to roll when we got there.
The wife decides to call day before, just to check on status, & is informed our rv hasn't been touched... For anything. No warranty work, no de-winterizing, nothing. She drives up there to crawl up their #. Has to stay up their # to get anything done just so we can drive away. Get to where were going, hook up everything, still got pink water.
And, no warranty work performed. And now they have closed the service ticket.
We are also notifying the better business bureau as well as the georgia attorney general, because this is fraud.
We will not buy there again, and their service & promises take sucking to a whole new level of bad. They actually need their own adjective for how badly they suck.

May 17, 2017

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