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We bought a 2017 Freedom Elite a FEW months ago. We had one that we purchased last year but discovered they had this one that was larger with much more space so, we traded. At the time of inspection with the CWR...He noticed that the privacy door in the master bedroom was broker and said we could go ahead and take it home that he would order a new one that day and get it fixed. We brought the RV home parked in in our yard until the weather was better so we could go camping. Never heard anymore about the door. WE called and was told it had not been ordered and that they would order it then.We were doing an inspection one evening and noticed that wires were hanging from underneath so, we contacted Camping World of Asheville and scheduled it in for warranty repair. I drove it there and the Service Manager, Rob Parks went over the camper with me. During his inspection he noticed several other items that were missed during the initial intake inspection of the RV and noted them to be repaired. I left the RV with them in hopes it would be done ASAP. WE did not hear back for several weeks so, we called and was told they were waiting on parts. This has been going on for OVER a month!!! Number one we feel we have been lied to numerous times and we WILL be contacting the BBB in our state and North Carolina. This is uncalled for!!! We WANT OUR CAMPER BACK fixed and in working order. Our opinion of CW is that they con the customer into buying then do not follow through on service and repair and push all of the blame onto Thor. If Thor is a bad company, then stop doing business with them. We are ready to call our bank and have the RV loan voided since WE have not even spent one night in it!
Lloyd Dixon [protected]

Mar 18, 2017

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