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Decided to write and let you know my recent experience with CW in Grand Rapids MI. Brought my 5th wheel in for a slider adjust in late April.

Decided to order an awning rafter in the store and have it installed at the same time. CW said 2-3 days for that to arrive, would be about 5 days before I could pick up my camper. After hearing nothing I call back after 10 days, service dept says they are done with their end of it (slider adjust) and haven't heard a thing from the store about the rafter support. I call back to talk to the store, no one answers the phone when transferred.

I keep calling in as instructed by the receptionist, she says someone will answer eventually. On about the 6th or 7th call I ask for a manager (getting irritated now) She puts me on hold, then says she'll take my info and have them call me back. They Never do. The next day I call early, after some searching on CW's part they realize my part came in without hardware over a week prior and now will have to have the hardware shipped overnight from the factory because I'm about to call the whole thing off and pick up my camper for a pre season trip.

I pick it after 13 days... ridiculous that no one did anything when item came in without hardware until I called. So I'm happy to have it done with 2-3 days to get it ready to use it. That is until I get it home and see the damage inside. Apparently the tractor lot driver has no respect for someone else's property and whips these units around so recklessly that my cupboards opened, some dishes fell out and broke, gouging my countertop as it smashed on it.

Fishing poles flew off the top from behind a 2" lip above the cabinets, chairs and table slid across the camper out of their rubber pads (a 1st). This would NEVER happen with normal driving, never has in all the miles I driven at speeds up to 75 mph. Now that I'm home I've decided it was time to share this and write a few reviews. I've replaced one small casserole dish at a cost of $30, the counter top was pristine and now isn't thanks to the recklessness of your lot driver.

My chairs will have to be glued down to the rubber pads again. And I'm not so sure my slider adjust was done correctly since I'm now seeing marks appear on the flooring inside.

Not happy that CW would allow a lot driver to joy ride while towing someone else expensive property around. Total disrespect for the customer's property!

  • Updated by Karen, Jun 08, 2018

    Brought the camper back to Camping World in Grand Rapids on June 7 so they could redo the slider adjust. The service manager Doug worked on it until it was working much better. Doesn't appear to be dragging on the floor inside anymore. They also gave me 2 thin strips of plastic to set under the edge where it was dragging when moving the slider in, this will buffer the floor enough to keep it from damaging the floor again. Was pleasantly surprised they were able to get most of the marks off the floor with mineral spirits (I had tried other cleaners without success). I was also reimbursed for the dishes that broke. Time spent there was 2 hours with about 50 minute drive each way. They did what they could to fix the issues so I'm bumping this review up to a 3 star for their efforts.

May 29, 2018

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