Camping World / customer service, management, and pricing.

Fountain, CO, United States

On the 19th day of October 2017, at approximately 1300, my wife and I went to Camping World in Fountain, Colorado. We had been to this store a few times already with the intent of purchasing a camper. We were shown a piece of paper by Bruce, the salesman. The paper stated that the starting price for the M33 Mallard trailer was 42, 000, the msrp printout in the trailer said 40, 000. We attempted to make a deal. I wanted to put down 3, 000, and the finance rep. wanted 3500 down. I urged him to get the down payment lower by showing him the 2000 dollar difference in the starting price and that fact that the 500 dollar military discount that I was offered was removed by a 499 dollar charge. This means that I was getting 1 dollar for serving in the military for 12 years and deploying to support our country four times. I did not agree with this. At this time he brought the finance guy out on the floor and my wife was there. She was standing closer to them than I was. Kevin, the finance rep and manager, passed her to shake my hand. He proceeded to tell me that the sticker price showing msrp that was in the camper was wrong and should not have been in there. At this point my wife attempted to speak to him. She started to tell him that there was a 2000 dollar difference in the price in the camper and the price that was apparently online. He cut her off and had his voice raised from the beginning of the encounter loud enough for my wife to ask him to calm down and let her finish talking. She finished her statement and he told her that it didn't matter what the msrp sticker in the camper stated that it had no bearing on the price that camping world chose to sell their campers for. My wife attempted to tell him that it was not our fault that the sticker was in the camper and wrong, and he shouldn't hold that against us, especially when the difference in down payment they were asking for was 200 dollars. Kevin said that he wasn't going to argue with my wife about pricing and also snickered as she spoke. He was very disrespectful and interrupted my wife multiple times when she simply wanted to finish talking and find out if he had any intention of working with us on this deal. Aside from annual percentage finance charges, the camper was going to be sold for 31000 dollars. For a business person and representative of camping world to be so rude and plain disrespectful to paying customers was uncalled for. a 200 dollar discrepancy in the down payment turned into a loss of business. I feel they overprice their stock. The trailer sells for under 40, 000 at a different camping world in the same state. Not only will I not shop at Camping World, I will be contacting the correct people who deal with military relations in the community and make sure that this establishment is looked into and possibly blacklisted from soldiers.

Oct 19, 2017

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