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We purchased a brand new 2018 fifth wheel last year from Camping World in Biloxi, MS. On our last trip hubby noticed slide was not sliding properly and noticed it was going off track. So to keep from causing any more damage we took it to a repair shop that we've used before and had him look at it. It was over the weekend so we would call the extended warranty plan today. Here's the kicker, I speak with the warranty administrator and they tell me my contract was cancelled, not knowing of a cancellation so obviously I ask questions, they said it was cancelled by the dealer on 7/17/17 and the payment was refunded to the dealer. We signed all paperwork and put down deposit on 6/27/2017. I checked my purchase agreement to be sure we paid for it. And it's on there. I even went as far as to call the bank to see how much they paid the dealer and they had paid the full amount of the contract. We picked up the rv on 7/4 /17. Needless to say we had no notification that this was being done. If I would have known there was no extended warranty, I never would have purchased it.
I've called the dealer several times and my husband has called but they haven't responded back. Very very pissed.

Dec 05, 2018

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