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The love seat had a hole in it from something protruding from inside. Stripe on left side had mark the size of a quarter, there is a screw in slide which marked the vinyl when the slide was opened after we got back from dealership. Kitchen faucet runs slow. Staples sticking out of speaker. We told them them about the stripe and they said they would replace it before we bought the coach. We noticed the hole in the loveseat before we left the dealership. We also told them about the faucet and the same ### we told about everything else with the long gray beard at Panama City said to just use the sprayer to do dishes. We asked them to take pictures of the items and he said they didn't need to that we could just send pictures. We are living in the camper 4 hours away and now they are telling us we have to bring it back so they can look at it. Are you really that ignorant? 8 hours to show you something you saw and were aware of before we ever hooked on. We bought the coach Feb 9 and we were told we could take delivery on Feb 14. The coach wasn't ready on the 14th so we left and stayed in a hotel. We came back the next day and they said it was ready. It was not ready. We left the dealership on Feb 16 at 1:30, and when we went to hook up the slides wouldn't go in. We weren't surprised with the ### service we had seen. The fan light didn't work. The light above the couch didn't work. So much for your dealer prep, there were no bulbs in them. The toilet seats were all crooked, the master bathroom door would have never hooked in this lifetime as the strike plate was at least a quarter inch off. The water wouldn't run down the bathroom sink. We told the gray beard ### and he came back in the coach and said the crew didn't feel comfortable with us in the coach while they worked on these issues. Well we didn't feel comfortable with them in the coach with all our personal items in it either, but we left for an hour and a half. When we got back to the coach, only one toilet seat was straight and the bathroom door issue was corrected. There was nothing done with the sink. Both scare lights didn't work because both bulbs were burned out. I had to climb the ladder and run to Napa to buy two new bulbs on a brand new unit.They are nothing but liars. I didn't trust you after all this, and I called the DMV to check on the title and license status on March 8 and they also said you never sent that in. I pitched the coach Feb 8, which is 1 day less than a month. Why am I not shocked. You are a horrible, rotten, crooked no GOOD COMPany. My husband is a disabled vet and this is how you treat your customers. I can guarantee I will spread the word about camping world. I will do my best to make certain people know what kind of business you run. It will catch up to you. I have talked to at least 8 different people in this Campground alone who purchased a unit from you and have all had issues and have said they will never deal with Camping world again. Great advertising. This has been very upsetting for myself and my husband and with his health problems, he doesn't need this. We purchased a new coach and we expect these issues to be resolved. You sold the junk, so send someone here to deal with the issues you were aware of. I can guarantee that if my husband has a heart attack or a stroke over this, I will OWN your company. Shame on you! I also used to buy camping world trinkets. I wouldn't spend a penny for anything from camping world. I will continue to spread the word and after going out and looking at all the negative comments, I am not alone. Your dirty crooked business dealings will catch up to you, and I will do everything I can to help .

Mar 09, 2017

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