Campbells Soup, Creamy Chicken And Dumplings Soup / bug loving, and a worm too

MT, United States

So back on january 5th, 2010 I was enjoying my favorite soup, the creamy chicken and dumplings soup. I noticed something in it which turned out to be a beetle. Brown and abot 1/4"long, 1/8" wide. I called in and was asked how I had prepared the soup, if I had eaten it (sadly, yes) and would it be okay to compensate me. Seeing that I was out my $1.50 for the soup I said sure. I got an apologetic letter and coupons from them.

I told my dad about the beetle and he said never again in your life will you see that and chuckled.

I have not eaten soup since that day and purchased some over the weekend. Today is feb 3, 2010. I figured I would be okay to try the soup again and no kidding, I dumped the can into my pyrex bowl and the same beetle as last time comes flopping out. I called into campbles and spoke to a gal who ended up laughing with me because it is gross, she even said so. She also asked me to see if I could find any other beetles. When I glanced in the bowl I found a worm, a worm! So two for the price of one this time.

I had her look up the can info from my first run in and it is the same as the can I have now. So obviously nothing was done. How gross. The factory number is on the bottom of the can and in the lower left hand corner. It is p5.

She said she is going to send me out coupons, great. Like I used the ones from the time before. But really, there needs to be something done about this and seeing these other posts almost makes me want to cry!


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