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Calvin Klein / faulty watch

1 France

I bought a Calvin Klein watch in October last year. When I started to wear it I noticed that it was loosing time . I travel by train everyday and need a reliable time piece and I presumed that by spending 105 euros on a watchit would guarantee me this at least. I took it back to the jeweller who sent it back to CK to be checked. 8 weeks later(!!!) I was able to reclaim it. It was working in the box and kept good time. However, as soon as I put it on my wrist it stopped working completely. I changed the battery- nothing moving. I took it back to the shop again and explained that I now had absolutely no confidence in the watch, I had been very patient during the first reparation and that I wanted a replacement or my money back. ( bear in mind that the effort, time and annoyance had now for me far exceeded the initial 105 euro value of the thing!) The assistant could not even find their records of the first reparation and explained that without her boss there she was unable to do anything other than send it back to CK. Very frustrating.
I finally reclaimed the watch again a couple of days ago and wore it all day yesterday. It was fine. Today however, the time is 12.05 and the watch is telling me it's 11.36!!! Same old story then. Think I'll just bin it and purchase a proper watch.
If anyone from CK reads this, could you make sure that if you are selling watches that they actually keep time? It looks great on my wrist at the moment but this evening when I take my shower that 105 euro piece of crap will look better in the trash...

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