California Pet Pharmacyexpedited shipping charges not refunded

Order # 668614
Date: May 7 order placed; May 8 order acknowledged; May 12 notice received from the Post Office that my expedited package had been received with insufficient postage (details below)

Details: I paid $7.95 expedited shipping charges for a prescription that I needed for my aging dog so that I would not run out of medication. California Pet Pharmacy shipped my purchase in a bubble priority envelope but only provided postage for a flat priority envelope, according to the Post Office. As a result, the package arrived at the Post Office on May 11, and late in the day on May 12, I received a notice from the Post Office that they were holding my package until I paid the 55 cents postage due. The time lapse between the notification and my ability to go to the post office to pay for the extra charges caused a delay in my dog's receiving her medication. I paid $7.95 for expedited shipping, and because of California Pet Pharmacy's error, I not only did not receive expedited delivery, I received no delivery at all. I have contacted them on several occasions to request a refund of my shipping charge, but I've been told that, since they claim that they did not make a mistake, crediting my account the 55 cents I paid out of pocket is fair, nothing more.

Desired Resolution: Refund of my expedited shipping charges of $7.95 since the shipping was delayed because of an error on California Pet Pharmacy's part and because I had to retrieve the package from the Post Office myself at considerable delay and inconvenience.

California Pet Pharmacy
California Pet Pharmacy

May 16, 2017

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