California Family FitnessManager

I normally go to gym on Laguna bond rd have been for years, recently started going to gym on Laguna near I5 . I had my older daughter with me like I always do who sits at the table and does homework while I work out . I walked into gym girl at counter said is she on your account ? I said no she's not working out she's just gonna sit at table and do homework . Lady said I had to fill out liability paper and then after I fill it out she says I have to ask my manager . Manager Jenna B . Comes up says she can't go in you have to add her to your account or pay for her to come in . I said why is that ? I always go other gyms and have never been told this or have had any problems . She said that's the rules . So she wasent going to let us in So I left went back to other gym . Next day went back to gym on Laguna Scan my card won't work . Jenna B is at counter I told her why is my card not working she said nothing and scan me in . I told her I have been to other gym and had no problem . Now every time I go gym my card won't work . I went today 11/2/18 and same thing won't work I asked guy at counter why is my card not working ? He said there is a note I shared my card with someone and they deactivated my card . I have never shared my card with anyone ever !!! I want this fixed if not fixed I am going to call BBB . This is Harrasment

Nov 02, 2018

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