Cabelas Foremost Visa / billing error

United States

Twice now I called in my payment to Cabelas as to avoid a late fee. Previously I called from my sons in another state as my Grandson had a serious medical problem we rushed to. They still charged me the late fee with stating we were late, along with the $7.50 charge for a phone payment. I was however 4 days early, all other payments were made by that phone and had no problems. I let it go.

I just made a payment around Martin Luther King Day as I realized I forgot to get my payment in the mail the previous Sat. and it would be late so I called, this time on the payment stub wrote date, etc. amount and confirmation number down. Again, they state I was late on payment with the $7.50 payment, however I called 3 days prior to due date. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on you. I will cancel my Cabelas card and thats that.

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