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Buytopia/Butcher Scam / how to get your money back

1 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

i finally got my money back from buytopia and you can as well. you need to call and speak to Peter who says he is the manager. after speaking to him since November and getting the royal run around i did get all my money back last week. i did have to tell them i would sue them and i am a lawyer.
in December Marlon's promised to refund my money. Marlon's said, and get this, they could not send me a cheque until January as they needed their accountant to do it and they did not like to keep cash in the store.
In January when no check arrived (i was not surprised) I spoke to Peter who told me they were meeting with Marlon that week and that if Marlon did not give the money back they would.
This was after Buytopia offered to give me a credit towards other purchases, told me they would sue Marlon's and if they received the money back they would then re-imburse me etc. etc. I told them i neither wanted a credit nor cared if they sued him or not that i just wanted a full refund.
After the so called meeting with Marlon, which if it did take place did not resolve matters Peter confirmed in writing I would receive a full refund which i did last week. of course that took longer than promised as buytopia claimed they "did not have enough money in their paypal account?"
1.buytopia will give you your money back if you are persistent. not give up and accept their excuses like it was no their fault, they lost so much money on the deal
3.the are very good at giving you the royal run around
4.tell them if they do not give you your money you will sue them in small claims court
5.sue them in small claims court.
6.when they tell you there is nothing they can do remind them the contract you made is with them and not the butcher or marlon or who ever.
To me this was a matter of principle. And quite frankly I could afford the $100 loss and spent more than that on time on this matter. However I am sure that there are 1000s of you out there who have not yet gotten anywhere with these folks because most people just give up and accept whatever Buytopia says. it is their responsibility and they are the ones who should be refunding the monies. sure Marlon's conduct has been utterly despicable. he took a ton of money and he knew he likely could not possible fulfill all the orders but i made a deal with buytopia and not marlin.

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  • Au
      6th of Feb, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I called them today and the first guy denied giving any refunds. i then spoke to peter and he said he would look into it. i called him back in the pm and he promised he would refund my money. i had bought 2 certificates. will let you now if i get it.

  • Su
      7th of Feb, 2012
    +1 Votes

    This was my experience as well.

    I too am a lawyer and had to threaten endlessly.

    You can also file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Branch but you first have to send Buytopia a demand letter,

    I got my money back but it took many months, many calls, many emails and phone calls and many threats to sue.

    It's unfortunate that they got taken to the cleaners by The Butcher aka Marlon but that doesn't mean it has to be on the back of the customers.

  • Ji
      8th of Feb, 2012
    -1 Votes

    Butyopia rocks. They actually gave me money back as well. Well they promised to. Not sure if I would every buy anything from these folks again as for months they told me there was nothing they could do. It was not their fault. They could go bankrupt over this. Well I confronted them today and said I heard they were giving refunds. They said no no no. Not true. I told them I was going to take them to Court. I am retired and have lots of time. Told me Peter was not available and to call back. They said they were making an exception as I was a senior citizen. Will let you know if the refund shows up.

  • Cw
      17th of Sep, 2012
    0 Votes

    Has Buytopia gone out of business? Their website is down and I cannot retrieve my vouchers. I received a letter a few days ago referring me to their old site (which not secure) and even that is non-existent.

  • Ja
      21st of Nov, 2012
    +2 Votes

    I was also robbed by Buytopia. Deal was cancelled by Merchant's head office next day and they didn't bother to let me know before I drove to the merchant (weeks after purchasing but before expiry date).

    Asked for a refund - they said they issued it but never did.

    Called back and put on hold indefinitely - reported to Visa, Consumer Protection Branch, Better Business Bureau and looking for more to report them to. Suggestions?

    All for $12! What idiots.

  • Su
      20th of Jun, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Bought 2 vouchers for limo service to/from airport. Second voucher was not honored by the limo company..I was told by them that Buytopia had not paid them so they stopped honoring the vouchers. I was advised to contact Buytopia for a refund.

    I thought this would be simple enough..WRONG. I had to argue and argue with several different customer service employees and a manager to finally get someone to agree that I deserved a refund! LOL. idiots.

    Then, I exchanged the emails with an employee who said he was about to process the refund. He had the amount wrong and seemed completely disorganized.

    It's a month and a half later. I had to dig out my old credit card statement just to see if they had given me the money back. Big surprise: NADA.

    Of course, I have nothing better to do than keep track of the all the little refunds I am supposed to get and dig up old statements to see if I got them.

    So another phone call and another promise to process the refund "within 72 hrs"! yay!

    NEVER would I EVER purchase a thing from this piece of crap company.

  • Ma
      2nd of Oct, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Buytopia is the biggest scam in the whole world. How come after so many years or ROBBING people are they still alive?! All these reviews from 2012, 2013, and yet, in 2015 they're no different. I purchased a product from them on July 7, 2015 and today's October 3rd, almost three months now, and still have not received a damn thing. I've tried calling their supposed "customer service" line and waited -not kidding- 2 hours on the phone, only to hear a recording afterwards that they "are not available to take my call" and to please "leave a message". Already sent 3 emails to and have not received a single response. This company deserves to close once and for all to stop ripping off people. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM AT ALL. They're SCAMMERS. If you so desperately need a deal, there's groupon for that.

  • Ch
      6th of Feb, 2017
    +1 Votes

    I am currently going through this right now, my shipment was suppose to come early-mid December. Come January I still didn't receive anything, I went to check the tracking to find out that my shipment got sent back. Buytopia NEVER contacted me to tell me there was a problem, I sent them an email demanding to know what happened and they couldn't tell me anything and now are refusing to give me my money back.

    I will definitely ask to speak to Peter, customer service at this place utterly disgraceful for a company it is now February and I have only received 3 emails from them based on my replies which has taken more than 10 days each email. I attempted to write a bad review on their Facebook page but of course... they must approve of the message first (so we all know it is never getting posted).

  • Al
      4th of Jan, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Chelsea Dion Koulierakis Hey Chelsea how did you track your shipment? I cannot believe what kind of appalling customer service or lack there of from buytopia
    I will be telling everyone I know about this and tell them NEVER to buy from this company again
    I am so angry !!😡

  • Ch
      7th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Allie22 I contacted the company that buytopia said shipped my package because they were claiming that the shipper lost my package and they can't do anything about that.

    The shipper was not able to help me. I think it was DHL if I'm not mistaken. In the end I just let it go, I spent so much time arguing with buytopia and they were refusing to give me my money back.

  • Nb
      9th of Jan, 2018
    0 Votes

    Hello guys!
    I also got scammed by Buytopia and I now need to use the tribunals. However, I need to send them a formal letter first and I can't find the address anywhere on the Canadian business registry. The addresses I have found show up on Google Maps as abandoned buildings or weird areas that don't really make sense.

    Anyone has the address where to send legal notices?

  • Wa
      21st of Mar, 2018
    +1 Votes


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