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My mother purchased a German Rottweiler from this company-well a least they said it was a German Rottweiler. My children and I were waiting at her house for the arrival of the newest family member, he was flown in from Texas, and little did I know that once he arrived home I would spend the next 3 hours picking over 150+ fleas from this 8 week old baby. I worked at a vet office for 8 years and this puppy was one of the worst cases I have ever seen. Since he was too young to treat with any flea medication, I placed him in a sink of warm water so that the fleas would travel to his head, there were so many they were crawling in his eyes, ears, mouth, his skin looked like it was moving. His ears were full of ear mites and yeast; he has worms and bacteria in his stool. I wish I would have known prior to the purchase so I could have done some research on this company. I have no doubt this baby came from a puppy mill-do not order your next family member through this company.
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N  21st of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
i'd send a note to the aspca cause if that puppy was brought to you in horrible conditions then other puppies might be in the same way.
D  25th of Aug, 2010 by    +1 Votes
This is an extremely rare case. I'm a breeder and all of my puppies must pass a health exam to receive papers to fly. I can't imagine how they managed to obtain one for a puppy so obviously not healthy. I've been breeding and shipping puppies for 16 years, and never had one in this condition. It certainly wasn't Buy Puppies Direct's fault. Obviously the breeder had issues...
N  8th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
I agree that it's always best to meet the people when possible, but that's not always possible. Not all breeds are available in all parts of the country, and it's rather expensive to fly to a breeder's airport, rent a car to drive to their home, then fly back also paying for the puppy's airfare on the way home. This is quite expensive, obviously. If you want to make sure you find the best puppy, he may not be located within driving distance, so shipping is the best option. It's far less stressful to have a puppy flown than to make a puppy endure 10, 15 even 20 hours in a car to arrive at his new home. I ship about half of my puppies, after many phone conversations with my customers, of course. I've never had one arrive sick. Every family is instantly in love with their new baby too. Buy Puppies Direct is a business. Just like EVERY business in the world, they're in business to make money. If you run a business, you're in it to make money too, that's the American way. Why someone would buy through a broker when there are so many breeders online with their own websites and you can speak directly with your breeder is beside me, but many people do prefer that. To each his own...
N  17th of Jan, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I breed Morkie puppies and Shorkie puppies. I have 3 breedings dogs. Yes, this is a very small buisness. Small enough to talk to each person who gets one of my puppies. Small enough to get updates on each one and to honor my LIFETIME health guarantee.. Small enough to CARE, to build relationships and I like it this way. I can see 1 through 10 dogs. Much bigger and your dealing with a mill. Dogs kept outside or in kennels. Puppies who have not been held and loved... BuyPuppiesDirect or Pure Bred Breeders are brokers. They have little information on the people who sell their puppies through them. Their buisness is to sell puppies and make money..They also need to sell puppies nefore the breeder sells them and removes them from the site..The mark up is huge. Double what the breeder asks for the puppy. Both breeder and customer loose when dealing with a broker. Customers can be left with wrong answers and not really knowing anything true about the puppy they pick and breeders don't know the people who buy their puppy.
My thoughts? Choose a breeder and talk to them! If you feel uncomfortable RUN choose another until it feels right and ALWAYS ask the breeder ( even if your out of state and can NOT visit them) would it be ok to come to your home and see the puppies? if they say no RUN.. Trust your gut and do a lot of talking to the person who your next family member is being raised by.
D  7th of Jun, 2011 by    -2 Votes
I have used this company with no problems. Actually they were very strict about having health certificates mandatory before any puppy is shipped. This is unfortunate that this happened to you, however, like anything, lets not let one bad experience ruin it for all of the good that overweigh the bad. We are to quick to make complaints and for some reason rarely find time to give praise. I am sorry you had this experience but after searching the net was not able to find that many others with similar complaints versus happy new puppy owners. The staff was always friendly, and I was able to talk with the actual breeder often with whatever questions I had. I do believe they should have paid for a professional vet/grooming visit due to this unfortunate situation.
D  24th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
It's terrible that a breeder would treat her babies that way, however it is not the network that offer a website for you the buyer to connect with the breeder. If anything leave a complaint on the kennel that you purchased the puppy so consumers can beware!!!
N  29th of Jul, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Yes complain about the breeder! That puppy cant possibly be the puppy that went through the health check.
D  29th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
I have sold 2 puppies with this company one we delivered and one was shipped, I was nervous about putting my baby on the plane but all went well, It was a large breed puppy. I would never ever ship a small breed, like a yorkie, Never!
This company does make money but what do I care I get my asking price.I have spoken with both familys that have my pups. I do not see how the puppy was in such bad shape they must have forged the health certificate, The insist prof of a clean fecal befor shipping?????
N  2nd of Aug, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I am considering using this website to get our puppies out there and am very nervous about it, but the kind of exposure that they can give is amazing. I am not a puppy mill, just a mom with the love of the breed and I appreciate everyone being honest and giving there opinions and dealings with this company. Thank you
N  28th of Apr, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Mastiff momma I attempted to advertise a couple puppies. They wanted our drivers license and social security numbers upfront. This made us suspicious. We went online and found out they had 75 complaints in 3 years and went through a major lawsuit. We read all the scam reports and discovered they are puppy brokers.
When we asked how much to ask for the puppy on their puppyspot.com site JoAnn Barone (she does all the telephone interviews to set up your account) said whatever price you list they double the price for profit.
Please do not use this company as they will use your financial I formation ad share it with 3rd parties. If you advertise your dog with them the customers can read all the scam reports and will likey not use their website. We also read that they have their own people make up fake positive reviews on them to try to drown out all the negative reviews from customers.
They are puppy brokers and only want to make money only through advertising. The employees wirh puppyspot.com do not go to breeders home to check their living environments they just ask you to send in photos of your dogs ad their living environment to make sure it is clean. Anyone can stage a picture to make it look clean just to get puppies listed with them. JoAnn Barone is their telemarketer and she is a hustler and fast talker.
This company has changed their name 3 times in 5 years to avoid public awareness of their scams and puppy broker business in Florida.
Look it up on Google Search and read for yourself.
N  21st of Oct, 2011 by    -2 Votes
Ms. Mastiffmomma -

Go to PuppyFind.com - At least Matt, the manager of the site, will remove bad breeders from the site if he is given legitimate information. He is trying more than other website managers.
N  27th of Oct, 2011 by    +1 Votes
i sold a female shetland sheepdog AKC reg. in june which made about 9 dogs i had sold through puppies direct . they were all vet checked &was supplied with health certificate by vet stating they were healthy. had all the test done fecal and all. had all shots up to date.the sheltie i sold in june i had pictures of her at airport playing in lawn pictures on cell phone still have them stored. ok they said the dog went into cardiac arrest the next day. the people that bought the dog said they gave her cpr all the way to the vet but wasn't able to revive her. i've never heard of cpr for a dog don't know how its done. the vet said it's intestines were thick &ropeyand its mucus membranes were white. &stated it had virul infection or congental genetic abnormabilityhe said he couldn't firm it down to what she passed away of.the dog was healthy at my home and airport before leaving on her flight ate and also ate at airport because her flight was delayed a few minutes my daughter was with me at airport and survalience cameras has her pictures playing. i think she got hurt during shipping but the lady that got her said she came out of crate and stole their hearts. just adored her she sent me a card telling me this Ifiled a complaint with delta airlines because i took 2000.00 ins out on puppy at airport they called puppies direct they told delta the puppy died of parvo so that screwed that up.i paid puppies direct ou of another dog that i sold after that 650.00 so their story is i owe them 650.00 more that is counting airfare300.00.crate vet bill health certificate that i had done is my expence.so now they have got me sued or they say they have. still got 1 male puppy 1 female puppy out of this same litter here at home they are fine &dandy they are7 months old i also sold 2 the same week tha ti sold this dog out of same litter no complaints on them.i have my AKC compliance report 6/23/11 it states my kennel&dogs is in compliance with AKCs care & condition policy. i have running water in my kennel a tub installed for their bathing. stalls inside concrete floors with drains in floor it is heated in winter air cond in summer. so i am going to have some proof of my dead dog.no autopsey was performed. no registration papers have came back to me. i want to know what happened to the dog.someone is going to have to ship me a dead dog back or something. i just can't believe this.better get your dogs off this website
N  7th of Dec, 2011 by    +1 Votes
There is no telling! Buy Puppies Direct is suing me, they are calming I "Fabricated" 2 vet checks & are asking for moats of the money back! They also clam that they offer puppy health insurance for 1yr on the dog. If that where so why are they after me?
They should be put out of business! For the $300 extra dollars they charge, us breeders could give them a years worth pet insurance!
D  8th of Dec, 2011 by    0 Votes
you should be sued get it right... we have sold about 20 puppies on puppy direct... yes they double the asking price but they give a ( 10 yr. warranty on the puppy )
D  11th of Dec, 2011 by    +1 Votes
We use buypuppiesdirect for our puppies and send our VET health certificate AND THE MEDICAL RELEASE / FORM from buypuppiesdirect that our vet fills out it gets faxed back to buypuppiesdirect, but ok what i have read so far from everyone i find it very hard to believe that a puppy with that many fleas, parisites etc came from a bad breeder ...but lets say it did why not go after the vet that signed that vet certificate that stated that puppy was free and clear of parisites / fleas / mange buypuppiesdirect cant see that puppy all they have is an licensed VET stating this puppy is very healthy and can be shipped. yes they need to stand behind their customer and the agreement they made, i dont know about any other breeder thru this website but buypuppiesdirect did a extensive background check on us just to make sure we werent NO puppymill and almost every puppy we have sold thru this company we have spoke to the new owners and remain in contact with them and exchange pictures of their new family member ...also i want to make it known that any airline wont ship any animal without seeing a vet certificate that states that animal can fly..it also DEMANDS PROOF of a RABIES VACCINE certificate if old enough to have one !!! if someone did get a sick / injured puppy thru this company my heart goes out to you but please remember buypuppies direct isnt soley responsible that licensed veternarian IS .just my 2 cents... we will ALWAYS use buypuppiesdirect and think they are an impeccable company and we think they do a superb job.
N  15th of Dec, 2011 by    +1 Votes

I just found this! If you against Buypuppiesdirect.com WATCH OUT! cause they have many different names for them selves!
N  20th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
I am a breeder who uses Puppy Direct.. My puppies are well cared for, raised in my home and all vet checked. I also talk to the families that adopt my puppies and even have delivered to the families door. I feel that one bad experience does not make this company bad. Their standards are high and they expect the very best from me.
D  23rd of Jan, 2012 by    +1 Votes
ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! or are you just asleep!!
Everyone please GO TO: www.humansociety.org
See: HUGE INTERNET PUPPY BROKER "PUREBRED BREEDER".COM supplies sick puppies for sale ON "800 WEBSITES" aka "BUY PUPPIES DIRECT. COM" aka VERMONT PUPPIES FOR SALE.COM aka PAMPER MY PUPPY.COM and the list goes on and on of their alias'...OK, you ask they caught them!! NOT SO! THEY ARE STILL UP & RUNNING TODAY, January 2012!! They are in a Law Suit in Florida but that means little. Google the name from the human society's article : Jason M. Halberg comes up under the link for their law suit aka BuyPuppiesDirect.com aka PurebredBreeder.com. They just change their names and incorporate to hide their identity over and over!! 800 names with 800 WEBSITES!! You can also go to corporatewiki.com and search under the company or the persons name and see who these people are!
The question is not "did you catch them" & stop them, the question is:
Didn't and doesn't anyone see the same telephone number and the same puppies under all these different company name web sites??? Did anyone not see through the double talk when they were not allowed to pick up the dogs or visit with the parents of the puppies (even if you didn't want to bother to take the time and spend your money) a "reputable breeder" would welcome it, if not insist on it. At least you noticed that the breeder didn't want a background check on you? and asked an extensive list of questions to find out who is going to take their beautiful, cared for, part of their family, sweet puppy?! NO? NO? No one asked and checked you for even the minimum information that a shelter would ask??!! How many dogs you have?, are they socialized?, did you take them to a class?, what is your vets information so it can be checked, your history with the breed, your time available to be with the dog...on and on. These are only the tip of the list of questions even a rescue or shelter will ask BECAUSE THEY CARE! Not because they sell 20.000 dogs per broker company on average per year at about $2, 400. each equalling $48, 000, 000. which they take half of!! A "REPUTABLE BREEDER" does not see your puppy as "live stock" in a business and you the customer as a dollar sign! And the most important question "Will you take back the dog if I have to give him up? Any compassionate, human being would, that loved their dogs and that CARED. A business would not. JUST THINK...What would you do if you had to give away one of your children? This is how a "Reputable Breeder" feels!! AND THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN ONLINE BUT IN PERSON!!!
STOP and THINK. Get a list of breeders from AKC.ORG. Wait, go to the breeder, make sure they are an AKC member and a member of that breed club, meet the parents, see if they are kept inside their home with a yard or caged all day in a kennel and outside with little human contact except to take that online photo that they look so unhappy in, ask and get proof of how many litters a year they have or if no proof keep a record of how many you count on their website during the months year prior, get a copy of vet records with OFA, AMCA, CHIC, hip, eye, thyroid, cardiac test results and certificates BEFORE YOU BUY and make the calls to their lab (not their vet) and background checks to make sure those tests are real. Remember a health certificate means nothing, it only means "their" vet looked at the dog and he seemed ok-he did not do blood labs, ultrasounds, x rays or testing on your pet!!
Now pick your puppy and take pictures for definite markings so you know it's the same one you will end up with when you finally pick him up and take him home.
Note: Goggle: deaths of animals due to breeders shipping by air...so pick your dog up.
YOU CAN STOP THIS NOW. Google & YouTube and look at the puppy mill videos if you can and let everyone know what they are doing to these beautiful animals that you love so much! If you don't who will?
A  23rd of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
If that is not enough, also, check all the NEGATIVEcomplaints on www.Measuredup.com and Google:
Purebredbreeders.com complaints
Buypuppiesdirect.com complaints

"One of the Largest Ring Leaders of PuppyMills"!!!

And If you are a unknowing, innocent "family" breeder:( be ashamed you are doing business with these people!!! You are now guilty by association!
N  23rd of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
For your information ceeandme:::: I am AKC inspected and approved, my dogs are micro chipped, vetted, have had all the above mentioned checks and socialized, live in my home and sleep in my bed, my puppies raised in my home and you can eat off of my floors any time of day and come to my door unannounced to see my puppies and the parents of puppies. I have hand delivered my puppies to families who went through purebred breeders, been in their homes, talked with them on the phone, met them, plus have met the parents of the puppies. I am not sure where you are getting all of your information as far the breeder not being able to talk to the new pet owner or them not seeing the parents of the puppy, I have to disagree with you because the bleak picture your painting is totally opposite of who I am as a breeder and the experience I have had with the company...
D  23rd of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
For your information:::: I am AKC inspected and approved, my dogs are micro chipped, vetted, have had all the above mentioned checks and socialized, live in my home and sleep in my bed, my puppies raised in my home and you can eat off of my floors any time of day and come to my door unannounced to see my puppies and the parents of puppies. I have hand delivered my puppies to families who went through purebred breeders, been in their homes, talked with them on the phone, met them, plus they have come to my home. I am not sure where you are getting all of your information as far the breeder not being able to talk to the new pet owner or them not seeing the parents of the puppy, I have to disagree with you because the bleak picture your painting is totally opposite of who I am as a breeder and the experience I have had with the company...

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