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I am writing here because I couldn't find any means to communicate with from their website, other than a 'general feedback' section with a limit of 450 characters.

As a teacher of English and a learner of Spanish I have been both a fan and advocate of, having recommended the site to countless students and language learners in general. However, I am disgusted that my premium membership was automatically renewed without any warning or notice from them, only receiving an email to inform me that the transaction had happened. I'm not against auto-renewals in general but only because companies generally remind you in the weeks leading up to the end of the subscription date and thus giving you the choice.

Yes they state during registration that auto renewals will happen so I know that this is my own fault for not remembering the exact date in which I subscribed and therefore would be due for a renewal. However, I honestly believe that it is unrealistic for the majority of customers to remember these specifics, which is why my phone company, car insurance, gym membership, internet provider etc send letters or emails to remind me. Often I will let the auto renewal take place but other times I like to shop around, but either way I appreciate the choice.

I have no doubt the only reason they give these reminders is maintain customer satisfaction and to avoid an angry backlash, preferring I'm sure to stay quiet and hoping the customer has once again forgotten, in order to secure another term of payment. And this is exactly what I believe Busuu has done in this case, charging me for another year's subscription without the option to cancel or to even contact them formally. Why else would they not give a reminder like so many other companies do?

It both angers and saddens me that a company I have come to hold in such high regard has such shameful business practices, destroying all notion of 'community' they claim to embrace. I have found many other complaints on the internet directed at regarding this issue and I urge them to take note and focus on developing a good reputation instead of securing as much money as possible using immoral tactics. Such a shame.

May 22, 2013
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  • Bu
      May 24, 2013

    Dear SeanySean,

    Thank you for sharing your ideas and concern with us, this feedback helps and motivates us a lot to continue working hard and to keep improving our website. We will take your suggestions and comments into account and discuss them internally.

    Please note that we received your messages through our feedback page and answered them.

    We hope you continue to enjoy learning with us!

    Sunny greetings,
    The team

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  • Ka
      Jan 03, 2015

    Busee is an awful service company! They should be sued for bad practice and trying to use terms and services to there benefit.

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  • Ri
      Nov 19, 2018

    I totally agree with you, Sean. I too used to recommend Busuu to my students, but after several of them experienced the same situation as you, I have warned them to steer well clear now and will continue to do so until Busuu changes its marketing tactics.

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