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I had an appointment for me and my friend on 14th June 2015. The voucher I bought on the street, but I went to the salon to ask about it´s legitimacy. I haven´ t receive any receipt, and the voucher was later taken from me by the employee - she said they need to keep it. When booking the appointment I was told there is a 50 Pound fully refundable deposit per person, payable by credit card, so I paid 100 pounds for me and my friend and was told I will receive a confirmation and a receipt by email, which I never did. I was very unhappy about the appointment - they rushed us, the promotion material lied about what is really going to happen (for example there was no hand massage, no facial and other promised things we had ask for specifically, like drink or manicure at all. We didn´t like the photos very much, plus of course they were incredibly expensive - as other people mentioned here, so we decided we don´t want any of them and I repeatedly asked if the deposit is going to be sent back to my account and all the employees replied positively. I haven´t got my "fully refundable" deposit back till this date...It has been 3 moths and I have been writing emails and calling several times (which probably cost me half of that money since I am a student and I was traveling to other countries). Nobody ever replied to any of my emails and when I call they always tell me that they don´t know why I haven´t got my deposit back yet and that it was probably someone else´s fault and that this time it is going come in few days...I am sick to my stomach to be honest, because I would never expect anyone to treat people like that, and especially not an "exclusive salon". At first I thought they just made a mistake and I was really nice and polite, but I am feeling tricked and honestly very sad. If I could advise anyone, don´t use services of this salon or at least never give them any money before you receive the service.

Burlingtons Boutique

Sep 17, 2015
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  • Bu
      Sep 18, 2015


    To begin with, I'd like to apologise on behalf of Burlingtons Boutique for the issue that you have been experiencing in regards to your refund, and we are deeply saddened that you have felt the need to approach this website.

    Unfortunately, due to the account being international, it would appear we did have difficulties in processing this, however this has now been rectified and your refund is in the hands of the bank being transferred to you.

    Once again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience, we are doing everything we can to help resolve this issue immediately.

    Kind Regards
    Burlingtons Boutique, Customer Solutions

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  • Ba
      Sep 18, 2015

    Thank you for your answer, if I receive the money back I will gladly mark this complaint as resolved. I felt like this was my only option, since nobody from your salon was communicating with me in any other way. I hope the money really comes this time, I do not like being the unhappy customer any more than you like having one I believe.

    Good day to you


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  • Ba
      Oct 04, 2015

    Nothing arrived yet, nor was there any other communication from the Boutique with me...

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