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I received BNSF's email regarding interest in possible career/position, and subsequent unwillingness to pursue further. From BNSF's perspective, that is, and not mine as I would still be most interested in continuing with career pursuit. I understand too that this email comes after I missed the "job fair" in Alliance on Thursday November 29th. I fully understand that this is the reason you have provided me with the email saying you are no longer interested. In fact, I was crafting a reason for my absence when I received this email from your office. The email would have "sat" better with me if the reason was more direct rather than there was some "tongue-in-cheek" suggestion that I was passed over because my work history and/or work ethic is somehow questionable. I take offense at that and with this opportunity I intend to provide you a reason for my absence. . .If I may. . .

. . . First off I never miss work. Never! I never use leave time and I never call in sick. In the last several years I have requested one day off and it was for your Alliance job fair. My employer was willing to let me go albeit we are short staffed. However I refused to take the day using Annual Leave time and rather asked for day as a LWOP day off. I actually was en route to Alliance when, in guilt over leaving my employer having to risk not having maintenance staff on duty that particular day, turned around at Chadron, Nebraska and did report to my job.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Belle Fourche, SD I did not miss your job fair because I lack a work ethic rather because I have a damn work ethic. How dare you people put such a high emphasis on work ethic and attendance then expect me to basically "screw" my current employer over. Subsequently causing me to then be discarded into the trash heap of useless applicants. How dare you! Shame on you! That should tell me a lot about your company. What if I worked for you and requested a day off when I was needed to attend a job fair for another company? How would that sit with BNSF? I had to miss a previous career seminar for an emergency, no regrets there, and I missed this last one for the right reasons, with no regrets either. I wanted to attend more than anything because I would treasure a career with BNSF however I am not willing to sacrifice my work ethic nor my obligation and loyalty to my current employer in the process. I don't think that should cause me to be so callously discarded. Perhaps you should make your recruitment efforts more practical. In short, I missed because I care about my work, what I do and how my attendance will affect my employer's operations. If you have a problem with this you can go to Hell! I would prefer to continue in some way my pursuit of a career in BNSF but if you prefer I only pretend to have a strong work ethic and not actually practice one, well then, I am not interested.


Lon Carrier, Applicant With A Powerful Work Ethic

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Dec 01, 2018

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