Budget Suites of America / pest control

The Colony, TX, United States

i have been staying with budget suites since 2016 and of all the time that i have been here i have see rats and mice running around during the day and they are mos active at night... but apparently on the day of the 16 of oct one of them chewed through my wirs in my car and after finding out that it was not covered by my warranty i ask if budget suites could help in any way... being that it is going to cost me $680 to get it fix, she told me that all she can do is give me two days to extra to pay rent and mind you we have to pay rent every already working two jobs and i can barley afford a $496 car note $266 in rent and $210 for car insurance.. and what makes the matter worse is it happen on their property.. and they show no sings of car at all... this is the worst place to stay!!!

Budget Suites of America

Oct 17, 2018

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