Budget Suites of America Lewisville / water damage and floor damage

I've lived at the Ine in Colony from 3/2017-11/12/2017. It was very difficult for me to have the. Fix things. I asked them to fix the burner in the stove. After the maintenance man fixed it from my work order the burner still didn't work.
Before I left they tried to tell me I didn't have to clean up or vaccume because their cleaning lady would. Throw out my stay they were rude with no costumer service. There's a sign stays we love our customers /tentants.
But I felt like I was treated like a crack head with no intelligence.
Another bad luck happened to my family and I we move here in Lewisville Budget Suites. Same thing bad attitudes. Do y'all train to have attitudes with the guests. I pay high rent here. Y'all charge for everything. I pay a portion everyone's pay check and I get treated like I'm an idiot along with my child that is a college student.
Today 8/4/2018 around 4:00 my daughter called the front office to explain an emergency of water damage. She was talked to like a total idiot by one of your staff members. Since nothing was done the ceiling, floor, walls, door and other damages happened in our suite. Now I'm worried about mold. I pay too much to be talked to like I live in a slum dog neighborhood and we don't. I understand the maintenance men were off duty but this was an emergency a true safety issue.
Ben we've known him since the Colony Budgets. He was suppose to go on a date with his wife. I felt bad but at the same time it was an emergency. He's awesome he always go out his way to help from the Colony to Lewisville. He loves what he do and do his job with pride. Thank you Ben the maintenance man.
K2134 highly disgusted guest

Budget Suites of America Lewisville
Budget Suites of America Lewisville
Budget Suites of America Lewisville
Budget Suites of America Lewisville
Budget Suites of America Lewisville

Aug 04, 2018

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