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Budget Savers / withdrawing money from my checking without authorization

1 1212 Florence AveColorado Springs, CO, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 719-390-3817

i do not know what these people offer, they wanted to send me some info, which they did not do, and now they are taking money out of my checking. i want it to stop. now. whatever or whoever they are, they are fraudulent.
when you call the phone number, on a saturday AM, they only offer the program.stop website to contact them.
enough already. i will report them to better business and whoever else out there i can find. i did not give them my checking account or any personal info. add this to your long list of phonies out there.

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  • Sh
      4th of Jan, 2009
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    Budget Savers - Scamming
    United States

    the first time this happened, they called to tell me about some program in which when you buy something you get about 60% off the selected item and that was for several different stores such as Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot and so on. and so they said they would send it out to me with something in the envelope. I refused and they still charged me $1.00 and then after that they charged me $19.95 and i never received anything in the mail so i called the cancellation center and they took it off with no problem. Except same thing happened to me they called again on Friday night (1/02/09)(which for one thing is stupid due to the fact that they are not open on Saturday or Sunday for over the phone cancellation of this nonsense) and anyways so the lady said that she was going to offer me something called Budget Savers. So she was explaining to me what it was and said that i would get a free $40.00 gas rebate card for being a valued member. Right about this time in my mind i already knew what was going to happen since this is the 2nd time this happened within about 2 months. So the lady was talking about all this crap saying i can save so much money and stuff and all that junk and so i interrupted her and said "I'm not going to need this thank you i'm not interested i don't have a car yet i'm only 17." and her response was "Sir i realize lots of people are not driving these days but still you get to keep the gas voucher for free whether you want the program or not." All i'm saying these people have been bothering me and breaking into my bank account taking money from me without my consent. Right after they called on Friday, i called the cancellation center and said i wanted to stop them from taking money from me and such and now when i call them tomorrow (1/5/09) i'm going to tell them to take me off their calling list and also i'm going to the bank to maybe get my bank account number changed or something or maybe get a new card but still that's not going to stop them from taking other peoples money. Just warning people so they don't fall into the same trap i fell into they are all out the just waiting to scam people and this is not right what their doing getting people's credit/debit card number and charging them money for no reason even though they don't want the stuff they're selling. Believe me the next time this kind of fraud happens to me i will be obliged to pick up the phone and talk to the BBB.

  • Co
      21st of Jan, 2009
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    The same exact thing happened to me. They took $40.00 out of my account. I had to cancel my card and get a new one. I am so frustrated. I am a college student and I cant afford to be losing any money for any reason, especially from some scam.

    I was wondering though, what is the cancellation number? And when you called, did they return the money?

  • Ju
      3rd of Dec, 2009
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    I just check my bank statements and I saw there is a $24.95 charge in my account this "random" company I never gave my account number to. I went three month back in my bank statement and saw they've been withdrawing money those past three month or maybe more without my authorization. I just emailed my bank to tell them that and I just sent them a feed back in their website. They better stop or there will be serious consequences!

  • Ki
      19th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I checked my bank statements I saw there was a $24.95 charge to Budget Savers. I have never even heard of them. When I called the number I told them to cancel it and that I would be making a complaint. I told them I wanted my money back into my account, but they said "they don't have authorization." I immediately called my bank and had the card blocked. My bank is going to investigate it as a fraudulant claim.

  • Ma
      2nd of Nov, 2010
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    Budget Savers - stole 100$ from my account
    United States

    I have recently been scammed by Budget Savers for 100$ in charges to my personal check card. When i called they told me i agreed to let them deduct money from my account for their services. "services please they never sent me anything or did anything for me" Heck i never heard of them till i checked my balance and found they had been charging me since july. i know you people dont know me but money is tight an i never let any company deduct from my account for anything. I pay late and even then i have to borrow to do it. So when i found they been deducting from me i called to have it out. They claim they will look into it but we all know what that means"haha you aint getting [censored] back". I am frustrated to know my personal card info is being given out to companies i never heard of and wish i knew who did it. I called my dish network company and asked if they gave out my info but they fully deny any part of it. I say to all of you plastic is not cash it is fools gold. So in close i would like to say [censored] Budget Savers and one who is affiliated with them. May you all drown in the money you stole from the people who are trying to survive.

  • Qu
      2nd of Nov, 2010
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  • Pd
      14th of Jul, 2016
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    Budget Savers - FRAUD!
    Budget Savers
    United States

    I cannot access my "Free $100 Gas Rebates" that these people promised me with NO OBLIGATION to try their services! Also, when they called me (they got my number from an online order that I placed for Criss Angel's Magic Kit), the lady informed me that they will charge $1.00 to my credit card and then I could call back within 7-10 business days, once I receive my Budget Savers kit in the mail. Well, I received the paper over 14 days later! It says that they will bill me $29.95 per month from here on out! FRAUDULENT AND SCAM!!! I am gonna have to cancel my credit card just to prevent them from stealing from me! AND I HAVEN'T EVEN HAD A CHANCE TO PRINT OUT MY GAS VOUCHERS WITH THIS BOGUS WEBSITE THEY PROVIDE!

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