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Budget Savers Unauthorized Subscription Ordered

Today, I found an unauthorized charge on my bank card for $1.00. The bank told me that it was from Budget Savers. When I called them, I was informed that I had started a trial membership over the phone. That is an outright lie! They promised to refund my $1.00. They had my card number from the trial subscription that I Did order, way back in August, and then cancelled successfully. I NEVER did get the the free gift (gas rebate) that I was promised. WHAT A SCAM!!!

Budget Savers Did not cancel when requested

This company offered a $100 gas card for providing them with your CC information and allowing them to charge your card for $1 for a 30 day trial period. Never received the $100 gas card and cancelled after the trial period ended. However this company still charged my card and when I called they said they never received any cancellation request and this time when I asked for a confirmation number of the cancellation the gentleman was not very forthcoming. Asked for a credit for these unauthorized charges was told I would receive something in the mail that I could fill out and then send back to them. Had to turn to my CC company and dispute the charges and am very thankful for the help the CC company offered on my behalf. I felt like I had tried to do the right thing and cancel within their specified parameters but this company did not uphold their end.

  • Vi
    Visa Disputes Mar 21, 2015

    When you cancel always try and get proof. If you speak with a merchant on the phone get a cancellation number or preferably put your cancellation in writing either via an email ( keep a copy whether they respond doesnt matter you have proof it was sent) or a fax ( keep a copy of fax with fax confirmation) or a registered letter ( keep copy of letter with registration reciept from post office) Never send regular mail, they can always say we never received anything. If you send registered, they have to sign for it meaning its been received

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Budget Savers have never received the packet they were supposed to send

I was called on November 1, 2014 by Budget Savers and told they would send me a "packet" describing how I could save AT LEAST $ 30.00 per month on all kinds of services and at all kinds of stores. They took $ 1.00 initial fee out of my checking account and I have NEVER heard another word. No "packet", no follow-up phone call to see if I received it and had any questions...NOTHING! There has been NO communication from them...I was told to contact the number on the "packet" to cancel within 14 days. With NO "packet", I have NO PHONE NUMBER TO CALL !!! I want this company blocked from hitting my checking account and I want this mess cancelled IMMEDIATELY, but they have given me NO WAY to get in touch with them!

Resolved Budget Savers No Knowledge before hand of charge

I didn't even know about this company until I investigated a $1 pending charge that I noticed on my checking account the previous day. I never okay, authorized or knew about this until I looked up who it was coming from. I'm mad as Hell right now and I'm not gonna except this charge; as soon as the bank opens tomorrow I will be there, and then I will call these Thieving scammers to make sure that this never happens again and cancel this 'account' that I don't even know exist. I have no former knowledge or email from them.

Resolved Budget Savers Unauthorized Charges from bank account

Recently my elderly father ordered a hearing aid from a tv ad he saw, and got overcharged for the "free" items they offered him. Soon after he was contacted by Budget Savers offering him a lot of free stuff...he adamantly refused the offer, and told them he wasn't interested. Today he discovered a $29.95 charge from Budget Savers on his bank statement. He tried calling the number for them and got a recording that the number was disconnected. Now he has to cancel his card and get a new one, and call all of his utility companies and have them change the billing card number because of these SCAMMERS at Budget Savers. Why can't something be done to shut these a..holes down????? They prey on elderly people who aren't savvy enough on today's dishonest practices, steal money from them and then disappear and pop up somewhere else.

  • Th
    The Enlightened Fool Aug 22, 2014

    This is a phone scam I ended up receiving after being scammed by a Natural Garcinia trial, they call and ask for your card number and send a letter in the mail of "free gift opportunities" and "savings", however there is no indication of the trial period (I believe it's 14 days) or the amount they will charge for an auto-renewing membership after that trial is up.

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  • De
    DennisRichardson Aug 22, 2014

    This doesn't seem fair at all. Sorry for you trouble!

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Budget Savers I believe that their practices are misleading the public to get people to subscribe to them

I ordered the product called Tag a Way. They then tried to get me to subscribe to a company called Budget Savers. The company Budget Savers said I can cancel anytime and I can keep the 60 dollar Walmart or Target card for just trying their product they then wanted me to confirm my debit card info. I asked why and they told me that they were going to charge me a dollar for the first fourteen days or so for trying them out and I can keep the 60 dollar Walmart or Target card. I declined the Budget Savers.

They are misleading as to making me believe that they are giving me 60 dollars just to try their product. I found out because I noticed that 60 dollars was put back into my bank account. I believe that their practices are misleading the public to get people to subscribe to them.

Resolved Budget Savers Wanted cc info

I ordered something online and received a confirmation email saying that my order was processed and was going to be shipped; 3 days later I received a phone call from a nice lady saying the speech that someone posted earlier. Anyway we went through the whole gas card thing and she going to transfer me to someone else, this person claimed to be with the shipping department and needed my cc number again to process and send out my order. Maybe he meant the budget savers order but it was implied that my original order would not be sent. I told him I would not give out my cc # again as I had received an email saying my order was going to be shipped. Having worked for an identity protection company I am suspicious of everyone (after hearing so many horror stories you get a little jaded I guess) I told him again I would not give out my number he persisted that my order would not be sent, I then told him to give me a number to call him back to verify that it was a legitimate company and he gave me [protected]. I called the company I ordered my product from and they informed me that my order was shipped yesterday. I guess this budget savers didn't do anything illegal but they are deceptive. Always be careful, when in doubt call the original company to verify any need for information to be given out again and lastly its redundant but if something sounds too good to be true IT IS! NOTHING IS FREE!

  • De
    Deborah Hendrick Mar 28, 2012

    I am trying to get a phone number for this so called company. They too are taking monies from my checking acct that I did not sign up for or authorize .If any one can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

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Budget Savers Subsciption Cancellation

Called in February 2010 to cancel membership. Representative was extremely rude to me when I attempted to cancel the subscription. She tried everything in her manner for me to keep the subscription. I should have called back the next day to confirm the confirmation that the membership was indeed cancelled. I should have looked closely at my credit card statement, but I didn't, my fault. I see two charges of over $24.85 on my credit card. I attempted to explain the situation to the rep, but to no avail. She cancelled my subscriptions, and I received in the mail that they have proof that I subscribed to the membership. I want them to find my phone call proofing that I cancelled. I am also complaining to the BBB.

  • Ka
    kats4green Sep 17, 2011

    I was promised free stuff for my area plus a free $100 gas voucher, which I have yet to receive, and I had 30 days to look over everything to cancel, and keep the Gas voucher if I cancelled. They took $29.95 off my debit card, and I have yet to receive anything. The voucher also takes 4-6 weeks for you to get your money, since I haven't received anything yet, I do not know if that is true or not.

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Resolved Budget Savers unapproved withdraw from account

I ordered a Criss Angel magic kit for my grandson for christmas this week, the following day budget savers called to verify my purchase, of course I did, I never gave them any account information, but they told me they were sending me $100.00 worth of free gas certificates, remember the word free. I never gave them permission to take any monies out of my account, I have no clue how they even got my information, but after checking my account a few minutes ago I noticed a hold for tomorrow for $1.00. I guess I will go to the bank Friday, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I don't think this will be the last withdrawl from these people! I still have'nt gotten chared for the magic kit! Boy these scammers work quick!!

  • Mi
    Miss Rod Nov 29, 2010

    Thank you for that information. Unfortunately I just ordered the Criss Angel Magic kit for my daughter and when I last checked my account balance, there were 2 unapproved charges from Angel Productions Incorporated. Yikes, it's only been a day! Headed to the bank first thing in the morning.

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  • Mi
    Miss Rod Nov 29, 2010

    Has your problem with the company been resolved yet?

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  • Ni
    Nick.X Dec 18, 2010

    I had the same thing. The day after my order they called in to "confirm". They offered coupons, which I clearly refused. They hung up on me. The next day, I got $180 charge on my account. The kit was only $40. Will be disputing shortly. Avoid this company.

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  • Ni
    Nick.X Jan 28, 2011

    Just a note: I have successfully disputed all charges, and recouped all the money.

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Resolved Budget Savers cancellation

I purchased I renew braclet on line from I renew.com - after purchase they put on marketing people I listen called was recorded they said I would recieve materials in mail and look at them and would have time to cancel if I wanted to. there was a one dollar trial charge which expired 11/16/2010 - it came with a free 100 gas coupon. I recieved the material today ll/18/2010 - went on line to get the 100 free gas voucher and couldn't do it and read complaints from other people who had the same problem. I called to cancel, spoke to Jonathan who was very abrupt and told me I was doing the wrong thing to get the gas voucher I tried what he said but didn't work, I told him to cancel the account and asked what my credit card whas charged he said 29.95 I just received the material and called as soon as I could, but missed the trial date by 2days so that's why they charged the 29.95 dollars. To me the whole thing was a scam I had asked if my card would be charged and was told I had enough time to cancel after reading the materials. I will put a dispute in with my charge card but somebody should stop this. I am a senior but I trusted that they were telling me the truth. the tial ended on the 16th and I recieved the material on the 18 and Jonathan said they gave me a telephone# to call to cancel - never happened I was supposed to get the material first. thank Mrs. R.DeMonte

Resolved Budget Savers — Fraud

I was online looking over my account and I realized thatfor the last 6 months my account has been charged...

Resolved Budget Savers scam!!!!!

This is so wrong for them to be allowed to the public!!! How is this looked over? The way the economy is and everyone is looking for a bargain because times are so tough. The person in charge of this should be locked up . Nothing they said was true !! NOTHING!!! they tell you that you will recieve your information within a few days and that you have 14 days to cancel but I didnt even get the piece of paper until the 14 days had passed. I called and told them my money had better be deposited back into my account and she agreed and I even told her I wanted my dollar back too not just the 24.95. I could say alot more but I dont have the time and if I don't get my money back within 5 days they haven't heard the last from me.

  • Am
    amandawall822 Jul 31, 2010

    wow 10 complaints out of the thousands that use the program.. i love the program, and it for people that actually go shopping at the stores. so if your living check to check yeah its probley not gonna help. i shop at these stores on weekly basis, and the gas voucher... well all i can say to that is just dont be lazy.. and canceling why dont u try calling normal buisness hours 9-5 eastern time.. just dont be lazy people!

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Resolved Budget Savers Scam!!!

Budget Savers is a scam..They acquire your information from companies you place orders with online. Their phone number is [protected]. Their services are provided by PROVELL INC. P.O. Box 5265, Hopkins, MN [protected]. I want everyone to have this information in case you want to file a suit against this company. They do not cancel even after you call them..I had to make 7 calls for cancellation before they finally canceled. Still not for sure that i am canceled. Hope this information is helpful. good luck to you all.

  • Ha
    half awake consumer Mar 01, 2010

    thank you so much for that information. I came here to begin with because today they had charged my account for the 'membership' and with that phone number i was able to cancel and get a refund. So they said anyway. I'm now going to wait 3-5 business days to see if i got my money back.

    again i appreciate the information.

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  • Ms
    Ms. DW Apr 09, 2010

    Thank you!!! They called me too, and I am upset, never received anything in the mail. And no contact info, I thought they were a part of the company I placed my order with...so I was on my earpiece driving when they called

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  • Tw
    TwstdStitch Jun 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Darn right I'm filing !!! They charged me $24.95 a day for the past three days...forcing me to have to get new cards through my bank and dispute the charges. I have no idea who they are, or how they got my information !!!

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  • Lo
    lou12 Sep 08, 2011

    it is a con. how they work is they guarantee you free gift cards saying you can cancel anytime but there is a catch. each on of these website makes you sign up and tell you there going to take out a 1.00 to process. what they do not tell you is within 1 month you with be charged 19.95, 24.95 and another 19.95 to use all these services a month. What they do is sell your information for money disclosing your age, your likes to companies to get you hooked. if you cancel you have to wait a month to get a voucher for the gift card. then they say it will take 2 months to process and you will get your gift card. i cancelled them they all have a different contact number but they only give you one number and they tell you its easy to cancel call this number and it will be cancelled all 3. you have to go to their website and get 3 different numbers cancel them all and you get a voucher gift card. shoppers advantage and great fun will send you the gift card 2 months later there legitimate company. however budget savers who sells your personal information will not allow you to get your free cards. you see there trick is they sell you the other 2 legitimate companies Grat fun and shoppers advantage. You will get your 40.00 gift card from shoppers advantage and a 25 american express card from shoppers advantage. I found out that budget savers con is they help get people to sign up for other advertising sites but lie to you on the phone. That is a cover up because anyone who agrees while they are on the phone will be on a journey to switch for numbers. When I called budget savers up they acted like they never called you and did not know the other numbers. this is done on purpose so you would forget about the real ### budget savers. They send you on a rollercoaster ride and lie to you how to get off it they want you to direct this to other companies. Budget savers does not send you gift cards they charge you 1.00 and sell your information like facebook does to make money. facebook sells your info to corporate companies to find out what you like so does facebook to make money but the difference is facebook does not charge a fee. so budget savers makes a 1.00 off of everyone sells your personal info to lots of people and never gives you anything. every month after free trial on budget savers is 24.95. they will let you cancel but will not give you any info on the other two industries great fun and shoppers advantage. bottom line stay away from budget savers they are con artists. as for the other 2 if you go to their websites there numbers are there call them cancel right away send them the voucher back and you will get your gift card 3 months later for trying it out. budget savers lies to you from the beginning and will keep charging you remember if a month is up and your waiting for your gift card to come in the mail then the charge is your fault because your free trial ends after 30 days to get your free voucher takes about 3 months to get in the mail. so they get to charge you 2 months because you did not cancel yet be careful but the bad guys here are budgetsavers. i told them to play a recording of what they told me on the phone they do not because everything they told you is a lie and they try to direct you to the other companies so you forget about the big problem budgetsavers.com budget savers after 1 month 24.95 shoppers advantage 19.95 and great fun 19.95. shoppers advantage and great fun lets you cancel right away. they send you a voucher you have to sign to get your gift card. about 2 months later you will get your gift card from them budget savers nothing budget savers sends you book where you can save 10 % on gas add the vouchers up they add up to probably 100.00 with your subscription but they lie to you because they guarantee 100.00 gift card and you get nothing. i ordered sunglasses from the home shopping network and after i purchased the glasses a guy from budget savers picked up the phone and said you try this and cancel you will get free gift card and if you try these other 2 you get 2 other gift cards. i said i was not interested he said its only a 1.00 trial cancel anytime and these gifts will be yours absolutely free. i said no he said thank you gave me a phone number hung up and 2 weeks later i saw 3 charges of 1.00 for these things. the glasses i bought was hd sunglasses off the home shopping network. i filed a complaint about them cause i want to know who the heck was this guy when all i wanted was to buy the sunglasses.
    budget savers collects your personal info sells it for a profit to other companies then they hide it by directing youto the two the other 2 companies so u forget about them stay away from them or you will get 50, 00.00 companies calling you you never heard of and they tell me they got my name from budgetsavers. be careful of them.

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Resolved Budget Savers unauthorized withdrawal from my checking account

I printed out my bank statement and, much to my dismay, noticed a company called Budget Savers was skimming 24.95 off of my checking account on a mnthly. basis. Of course, I have received NOTHING from this company and am even unsure of what they do other than embezzle money from struggling people like myself. I have NO IDEA how they obtained my card info either. I immediately called their toll-free # and could reach no one because it was the weekend. I then contacted my bank and placed an immedite stop on my ATM card and requested complaint/reimbursement forms for three months worth of bank withdrawals: my bank is great at handling these matters. Today-Monday- called BS (ironic?) again and spoke with a supervisor who claimed I would have to fill out a "request for refund" form albeit I was DEMANDING I get my money back, ie I didn't get far. When I threatened to contact the BBB, the sup. warned me that taking such action would prolong, or even deny me a refund despite the fact she could not answer what exactly the company did OR how my credit card # was obtained: she evaded any and all of my questions. This company is DEFINITELY a SCAM and I have read on the complaint sites that they allegedly offer grocery coupons and/or gas cards but I have received NOTHING other than a lot of grief and waste of my valuable time trying to get my money back from these jerks. BEWARE OF BUDGET SAVERS AND IF YOU HAVE ONLINE BANKING BE SURE AND CHECK YOUR STATEMENTS MONTHLY BECAUSE MANY/MOST BANKS CAN ONLY REIMBURSE BACK TO A PARTICULAR DATE, IE THREE MONTHS-DEPENDING!

  • Ch
    Cheryl LL Feb 24, 2010

    Budget Savers is a scam. Their service providers are PROVELL INC. P.O.BOX 5265, Hopkins, MN 55343-2265..Maybe they can help you since budget savers refuses..I wish you good luck. These people need to be stopped!!!

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Resolved Budget Savers Rip off

I have had funds taken out of my account by your company. WITHOUT my permission. I have reported you to the better business bureau. I have also spread the word about your company being a rip off all over the web. I filed a complaint about you to your own company. YOU ###EN ### LOVIN bunch of ###heads. OH, My Bank knows all about you also... I moved my money so you nor anyone else can get to it. I WILL STOP SHOPPING ON LINE. I HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF ENOUGH. IF I LIVED NEAR YOU I WOULD HUNT YOU DOWN AND SHOOT YOU IN THE HEAD RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR CHILDREN AND WIFE OR HUSBAND. I AM PISSED. ###ING ###S.

  • Co
    consumer155 Feb 22, 2010

    You sound intelligent. lol!

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  • Me
    Membership services Aug 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hey Tina I got news for you. I do live in ur town. LOL I work for budget savers. Please come find me. meet at sherms parking lot near big five I would love to see u kill me. hahahaha Ty for ur phone number to. im sure the police would love to see your comment. Federal offense to make threats to a company or even to a person online. Great to know you live in Roseburg with me. Have fun in jail.

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  • Me
    Membership services Aug 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    **** N W EDEN ST ROSEBURG OR 97470, Really for $1. OH MY GOD. you wanna go to jail over $1 that we refunded back to you? Holy cow. Your a smart one.

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Resolved Budget Savers — Fraudulent Phone Calls

Budget Savers has been calling my cell phone for a month and I have never answered because the number was not...


I was promised Gas Vouchers and Gift Cards for signing up... Never received this and was billed by Budget Saver, Privacy Member Service and Travel Member for over $75 the next month when it was not cancelled. I called Budget Saver at [protected] an pressed #2 to speak with someone. I requested a refund and explained I had never received anything they had promised along with the other Privacy Member [protected] and Travel Member [protected] they all explained that my membership will be canceled and money put back in my account within 3-5 business days. I will keep you posted on it this really happens. DO NOT LET THEM TAKE MONEY FROM YOU TAKE THE TIME TO CALL AND CANCEL, ALSO GET AGENT #, AND DATE/TIME YOU CALLED FOR YOUR RECORDS!!!

Resolved Budget Savers withdraw subscrition

Budget savers has been deducting $24.95 for the last 3 months from my husbands account. We dont know what we are being billed for. Upon quiry to the bank we were informed of the deductions today. We would like to contact the company to cease all the deductions but they dont have any phone number to contact them with.
Can someone help us contact them. The deductions are too costly for us especially not receiving anything for our money.

I think this is a scam.


  • Nw
    NWILSON Oct 19, 2009

    Your bank should be able to file a dispute and then they will have to issue you another bank card...since this place doen't have a number, that seems like the only way you can stop your account from getting charged. That is what I had to do today. It ways inconvienant, but necessary. They canceled my od bank card and are sending me a new one.

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  • Ch
    Cheryl LL Feb 23, 2010

    if you still need their phone number, here it is..1-800-475-1942..good luck to you..they scammed me also

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  • Ki
    kimkim733 Jan 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Where did you go to Cancel? I cant find it.

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  • Ha
    hatebudgetsavers Feb 11, 2011

    That # ^^ is customer service..just give your name and address and tell them you dont know how they got your personal information but that you want it canceled immediately and you want a full refund..I did and they sent me a letter sayin I wasn't eligible for a refund and if I disagreed with what they were saying to sign the paper and send it to (i'm guessing the customer service center) so I did..I later received another letter from them saying I wasn't eligible because an "authorized person" gave them permission..i underlined it and wrote this is incorrect on it and filled out a the chart stating the exact month and day that they withdrew from my account and how much each transaction was ( they withdrew SEVEN times from mine)...I totaled it up and sent it back in and as of 2 days ago they refunded every cent back into my account..I now have a new bank card so they no longer have my information.. Hope this helps!

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Budget Savers acess to my credit card account /how? didn't give them it!

rescived call stating I am being offered $40 gas card free, 30 day membership to budget savers magizines w/coupons told them I'm not giving account info to them.They said thats fine, just cost $1 to send out.I asked how you going to get that dollar, they said thru my credit card.asked how they have my card number, they said they just have last 4 digits to it, budget savers has the access to use the card. I want this co. shut down, how dare they have access to my account info. Pay Pal is the only one that does have acess to it.How do I take care of this ?

  • Ch
    ChristinaC Jul 22, 2009

    i want my money back.. i never agreed to 40$ a month and i never recieved ANYTHINGGG..
    call them and tell them to STOP TAKING MONEY OUT
    And i had to get there number from my bank cause they DO NOT have it posted anywhere on there website

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  • Ih
    ihatethieves2 Mar 31, 2011

    The best way to fix this i think would be to send a certified letter and an email stating that you want to cancel memebership with this company and other associated companies. Then there is the fact that they are still withdrawing money from your account so figured out which card they are gaining access through and get that card hot carded and replaced. If unsure of the card just replace all cards or get new account with the bank.

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Resolved Budget Savers gives no 30 day trial period before they hit your bank account

I only had my letter from, budget savers for only two weeks and I notice that they had hit my bank account for

i only had my papers from budget savers for two weeks and i noticed that they had hit my bank account for $24. 95. i was surpose to have a 30 day trial period. Also i was surpose to get $40. in free gas.
something really need to be done with these scam companies that are trying to get people out of there money. they make these promises to make things sound good and then they turn out to be a scam.

  • Lm
    LMWB Oct 22, 2009

    Do not use budget savers!!! They continued to charge my AMEX after I cancelled the service. Amex had to block them tokeep them from charging my account.

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Budget Savers i keep getting emails from everyone on here

I keep getting emails about what to do about this company, do not and I repeat do not get involved with this company, those of you who have I am not sure what you should do. I called the company and told them I wanted my money back and they gave me my money back.
As I said previously, they went so fast that it sounded as though everything was free and I would be getting this and that. I do not know how they got my credit card number without my consent, but they did. I never one time gave them my credit card number over the phone this is a scam and do not do any business with this company. I did get my money back, but if you dont, I do not know what to tell you. All I can tell you is dont get involved with this company.

  • Sp
    Spartashell Feb 03, 2010

    Budget Savers is definately a scam. I spoke with customer service reps and they were just telemarketer who couldn't do anything. No supervisors... One girl said they didn't have computer access so she had no clue how to help. This scam comes from ordering anything off the TV (like Smooth Away, etc). Stay away and good luck getting off it.

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Resolved Budget Savers Contact Info

Here's the primary telemarketing company contact info for the origination of your Budget Savers problems:

Quality Resources
19321-C US 19N
Clearwater, FL 33764
Tel: [protected]

Customer Service
Tel: [protected]


  • Sp
    Spacecoastviking Aug 27, 2009

    I was also scammed by these people.They promised me coupons for gas, restaurants, etc., etc., etc., for the low price of $1.00, but then they stated taking $24.95 out of my account almost immediately...They did this twice before I noticed what was going on.
    The number to call to get your money back is:1-800-475-1942
    Remember...If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!!!Also, READ THE FINE PRINT!!!

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  • Kd
    KD3000 Nov 21, 2012

    The $1.00 part for the Budget Savers is a 30 day trial ONLY. Afterwards, if YOU like the product and decide to keep it, then this special product will be $24.95 per month afterwards. If you decide to not keep it, then a toll-free number should be on that package(a toll-free number will ALWAYS be there). Call the customer service and let them know that you decided not to continue and would like to return the item(its your choice). But remember this, if the Budget Savers ACTUALLY works for you in the long run(it has instructions inside for you to follow), then keep it, its worth the $25s.

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Resolved Budget Savers phone scam

Call comes across cell phone saying that they are offering dicounts to places like Chillies, Red Lobster, etc. and says they will only charge a $1.00 says they will send gift card and gas vouchers if you join. You get nothing but lots of papers you can not use anywhere! You are sent to this site for gas vouchers and you recieve the scam info on this outfit! Beware!

  • Am
    Amy84 Oct 01, 2009

    I was called to receive gas vouchers and $1000.00 grocery gift card. I was supposed to receive for free just for giving this woman 10 min of her time. I got charged $24.95 for something I did not receive or ever will. It frustrates me to know that these criminals are getting away with this everyday, and everyday charging more and more people for the same thing. It is hard enough these days to make a living yet ignorant people like this sitting at a desk conning others into this scam. I would like to see these people stopped.

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  • Te
    terri montgomery Nov 03, 2009

    Okay, now its ever so clear to me. I got scammed ! The lady that was talking to me had talked so fast I really couldn't get a word in. Then before I knew it the phone call was pretty much over. I remember hearing something about a 40 dollar gas card and a gift card from wal-mart for 25 dollars. ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Just listen to what she says. So I did, even thou it did sound to good to be real. Then I get my statement in for my card and there was charges that I did not no about. Here 3 weeks later i receive stuff in the mail about i'm now a member for all kinds of stuff i specifically said no to. So for ... and giggles I check out this web site for the free gas card and of course I cant claim this 40 dollars of gas anywhere, so I start reading comments and I realize that I have been scammed!!! And theres nothing I can do about it, except when my phone rings don't answer it if I don't reconize the number or if they talk so fast you cant get a word in!!! And how did they get my card ##### anyways.

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  • Au
    Aubrisol Mar 17, 2011

    OK, so I bought a fitness video and the next thing I know I've got these people calling me offering me all these savings and speaking so fast I can barely understand and agree to 3 things for $1 each. I called the phone numbers on my bank statement and 2 of the 3 were extremely nice and allow me over a month to decide if I want to keep it. The third one however, Budget Savers charged me $29.95 and when I called to ask why I was charged that money the rude as hell lady said they explained it all to me on the phone and I have never received anything. She said it takes 10 -14 days for me to receive my material which they knew it would take that long and they sucker you into buying stupid crap. Is there anyone that knows the right questions or things tosay to them to ensure that they will not charge my account again? I told them to cancel it and I will be highly upset if I get charged again.

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Budget Savers — Failure to provide promised service

Hello (name) My name is John Smith and I am calling from Quality Resources because you recently purchased...

Budget Savers withdrawing money from my checking without authorization

i do not know what these people offer, they wanted to send me some info, which they did not do, and now they are taking money out of my checking. i want it to stop. now. whatever or whoever they are, they are fraudulent.
when you call the phone number, on a saturday AM, they only offer the program.stop website to contact them.
enough already. i will report them to better business and whoever else out there i can find. i did not give them my checking account or any personal info. add this to your long list of phonies out there.

  • Sh
    Shyam Tailor Jan 04, 2009

    the first time this happened, they called to tell me about some program in which when you buy something you get about 60% off the selected item and that was for several different stores such as Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot and so on. and so they said they would send it out to me with something in the envelope. I refused and they still charged me $1.00 and then after that they charged me $19.95 and i never received anything in the mail so i called the cancellation center and they took it off with no problem. Except same thing happened to me they called again on Friday night (1/02/09)(which for one thing is stupid due to the fact that they are not open on Saturday or Sunday for over the phone cancellation of this nonsense) and anyways so the lady said that she was going to offer me something called Budget Savers. So she was explaining to me what it was and said that i would get a free $40.00 gas rebate card for being a valued member. Right about this time in my mind i already knew what was going to happen since this is the 2nd time this happened within about 2 months. So the lady was talking about all this crap saying i can save so much money and stuff and all that junk and so i interrupted her and said "I'm not going to need this thank you i'm not interested i don't have a car yet i'm only 17." and her response was "Sir i realize lots of people are not driving these days but still you get to keep the gas voucher for free whether you want the program or not." All i'm saying these people have been bothering me and breaking into my bank account taking money from me without my consent. Right after they called on Friday, i called the cancellation center and said i wanted to stop them from taking money from me and such and now when i call them tomorrow (1/5/09) i'm going to tell them to take me off their calling list and also i'm going to the bank to maybe get my bank account number changed or something or maybe get a new card but still that's not going to stop them from taking other peoples money. Just warning people so they don't fall into the same trap i fell into they are all out the just waiting to scam people and this is not right what their doing getting people's credit/debit card number and charging them money for no reason even though they don't want the stuff they're selling. Believe me the next time this kind of fraud happens to me i will be obliged to pick up the phone and talk to the BBB.

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  • Co
    College Student Jan 21, 2009

    The same exact thing happened to me. They took $40.00 out of my account. I had to cancel my card and get a new one. I am so frustrated. I am a college student and I cant afford to be losing any money for any reason, especially from some scam.

    I was wondering though, what is the cancellation number? And when you called, did they return the money?

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  • Ju
    Justine M Dec 03, 2009

    I just check my bank statements and I saw there is a $24.95 charge in my account this "random" company I never gave my account number to. I went three month back in my bank statement and saw they've been withdrawing money those past three month or maybe more without my authorization. I just emailed my bank to tell them that and I just sent them a feed back in their website. They better stop or there will be serious consequences!

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  • Ki
    kimaphillips May 19, 2010

    I checked my bank statements I saw there was a $24.95 charge to Budget Savers. I have never even heard of them. When I called the number I told them to cancel it and that I would be making a complaint. I told them I wanted my money back into my account, but they said "they don't have authorization." I immediately called my bank and had the card blocked. My bank is going to investigate it as a fraudulant claim.

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  • Ma
    MadMechanicinNC Nov 02, 2010

    I have recently been scammed by Budget Savers for 100$ in charges to my personal check card. When i called they told me i agreed to let them deduct money from my account for their services. "services please they never sent me anything or did anything for me" Heck i never heard of them till i checked my balance and found they had been charging me since july. i know you people dont know me but money is tight an i never let any company deduct from my account for anything. I pay late and even then i have to borrow to do it. So when i found they been deducting from me i called to have it out. They claim they will look into it but we all know what that means"haha you aint getting sh*t back". I am frustrated to know my personal card info is being given out to companies i never heard of and wish i knew who did it. I called my dish network company and asked if they gave out my info but they fully deny any part of it. I say to all of you plastic is not cash it is fools gold. So in close i would like to say f*ck Budget Savers and one who is affiliated with them. May you all drown in the money you stole from the people who are trying to survive.

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    qusibn Nov 02, 2010

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  • Pd
    P.d Off Jul 14, 2016

    I cannot access my "Free $100 Gas Rebates" that these people promised me with NO OBLIGATION to try their services! Also, when they called me (they got my number from an online order that I placed for Criss Angel's Magic Kit), the lady informed me that they will charge $1.00 to my credit card and then I could call back within 7-10 business days, once I receive my Budget Savers kit in the mail. Well, I received the paper over 14 days later! It says that they will bill me $29.95 per month from here on out! FRAUDULENT AND SCAM!!! I am gonna have to cancel my credit card just to prevent them from stealing from me! AND I HAVEN'T EVEN HAD A CHANCE TO PRINT OUT MY GAS VOUCHERS WITH THIS BOGUS WEBSITE THEY PROVIDE!

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