Broadband National/Bridgevineshady tactics/fine print tactic

Front page of offer says one thing, "Features" says two different things!! and if you go ahead with this. you will be routed to comcast and will actually get hooked on to a third offer that has nothing to do with the rates mentioned here.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Richmond, VASee attached image!
Comcast guys are helpless and they have to bear all the customer's ire because of these azzholes like braodbandnational/bridgevine and comcast folks will try to get a cheap rate for you (as much as possible without swindling you) and thats what you'll end up with...i havent even touched the rebate part yet coz its been plentifully covered by other folks who got swindled...this is exactly the kind of "fine-print" marketing that the government is targetting to get rid of...hope it works!!

Broadband National/Bridgevine

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