Bremner Food Group / Hire-In

I was a temp worker for two weeks at Bremner Food Group until I was hired in. I was supposed to provide two forms of identification to be hired in. I gave my state ID and I had lost my birth certificate and social security card. I told them that I would have to go to get a new one and they said ok. I went to the social security office and they said I would get a new one in two weeks and the day I got it I was fired for not turning it in earlier after I told them five times they would have to wait for it. What I don't understand is that I personally know people that have worked there for 2, 3, 4 years and have fake or no papers at all and nothing was done to them. I am a college student and in the U.S. Army and they didn't believe I was a U.S. citizen.

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