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Bray & Scarff Appliance & Kitchen Specialists / service

1 Columbia, MD, United States
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We bought over $10K in kitchen appliances when remodeling our kitchen in 2017. Thankfully, our general contractor did the install. We purchased a Maytag Washer (5.2) and dryer (8.8) in December 2017. We worked with the same sales person for all purchases (Larry L in Columbia MD). Larry made commissions in 10 months for about $12, 500 in appliance sales.

When the Maytag W&D were delivered, the delivery people accidentally made a significant scratch down to the metal on the washer with a box cutter. My prior washer was broken so I needed the washer then. We agreed to replacing the front panel. I received a call that the part was backordered. When it finally came in B&S called to schedule a day for the replacement. I said I need a window because I am not taking a vacation day for their error. Oh, you will get a window the night before. After a few knock-down drag out fights, we agreed to one morning.

Right from the beginning, the technician wasn't happy. He complained before he even opened his truck door that B&S offers $100 credit for damaged appliances. I said it is scratched down to the metal. Then he said B&S should have just replaced the washer. I thought it was odd, but I did not comment. The ticket allowed him three hours to complete the work, and he was done in 90 mins.

1) The technician told me that since a B&S employee damaged the washer panel and not the factory, it takes longer to order the parts.
2) B&S didn't order the accessories with the panel (the rubber pads on the side to absorb sound during spin cycles).
3) They should have had two people for this job since it isn't a front panel but one piece for all three sides which is heavy and awkward.
4) The technician had zero respect for my home. I asked him to not put the replacement part on our grass with heavy frost. His response was that my grass is dead. My response, Genius, I don't want the replacement part wet going through my house and carpet.
5) He did not protect the floors and damaged my floor in two areas. I understand our laundry room has linoleum floors, but it is not his place to damage my floors.
6) He was so disgruntled that he had to do this service call that his banging sounded like a freight train.
7) No surprise the missing parts are BACK ORDERED.
8) Yes, when the washer is in spin cycle, it is a loud with the basket banging up against the washer. You cannot carry a conversation or watch TV during the spin cycle.

As a fellow sales person, you ALWAYS take care of the customer even AFTER the sale. I emailed Larry, and he pushed me to the service department. Larry does not provide customer service once the sale is done. So now I am in a dilemma. Do I have them come in and do more damage to my home? I will need to take another ½ day vacation for them to come and FINISH the repair. It is ridiculous that someone has to take a day of vacation for this company's irresponsibility.

As far as the W&D, I am still undecided. I know the government has regulations and all the new "high efficiency" laundry appliances are impacted. The Deep Wash Cycle does not fill up above your clothes. Every load there are items that come out bone dry. The technician said it was the spin cycle. I said there is not enough spin to make half a towel dry and entire parts of sheets/jeans/shirts dry regardless of which wash cycle you use. The dryer does not dry all the way. I have dried workout clothes on timed dry, high heat for 120 minutes and they still come out damp. Again, I understand government regulation on the manufacturers but this is not efficiency. This is probably typical regardless of the manufacturer.

Jan 21, 2018

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