Bray and Scarff / Rude Service Tech/ Repair still not completed

Washington, DC, United States

WOW! I see that it is a pattern with Bray and Scarff Repair Techs - I had waited all day for my service appointment - when the repair tech arrived - he opened a panel on my Bosch Dryer that I was totally unaware existed. Stated that I should clean it - and requested payment - I asked him to wait while I cleaned and ensure that was the problem - why dryer was not heating. Repair tech stated - he would NOT! He was in my home for a total of 5 minutes - I was not sure how to replace the part, or close the front panel. I called the office to complain - and inquire how to replace part and close panel - office had repair tech call me back - repair tech stated to me - "not rocket science!" and hung up! I called office again - Manager - walked me through how to replace and close panel. All to no avail - as I suspected - my dryer still is not heating - and will require an additional day off work - waiting for another RUDE REPAIR TECH to arrive!!! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I suggest going someplace other than BRAY and SCAR[censored]

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