Brake Check / Scam and lies

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I brought my car to BRK CK in Jan 09 to fix my break cable. Quoted $100.00 to fix went back did not have part cost $65.00. Since then my car has been doing something weird and I finally took it to my mechanic and he said that when they took my brake cable apart the must not have put the electronic control back together properly or must have loosened something.

So I have spent 65.00 and now my car has another problem. I would like to be reimbursed the money I spent and also have my Mechanic fix the problem and have brake ck pay for this. I really do not want to take my car back there due to the rude manager which was there at that time. Aslo since the my radio cuts in and out also.

I just want done to my car what I ask to be done and at the price he quoted but ultimately I do not see myself bringing my car to your store. Please do the correct thing for the customer and I will not spread the bad word to all I know instead I will tell the good that you do if your work is not done properly.

This is not my first complaint at this location check you records.

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